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Version 1 Front and Back page First I inserted a line; this indicates to me that it is splitting the front page and back page. This was then followed up by a textbox on the back page for the surgery times, emergencies and contact number. The last thing I did on the back page was inserting the logo, address, telephone number and surgery name these were imported from the Shared area. The

imported from the Shared area. The front page included a text box for the title and a hamster picture. The hamster picture was imported from the Shared area.

Inside pages

The inside pages only consisted of two text boxes and a hamster picture. One would take up nearly all of one inside page and the other just a bit over half an inside page. Then I went to the Shared area for a hamster picture. This picture was similar to the front page hamster picture but was not the same.

Version 2

Front and back pages

First I opened the program Microsoft Publisher to carry on my implementation of Task 1. I had got the information of the surgery times, emergencies and contact number from the Shared area. I typed this in the text box I inserted earlier. Then I went onto the front page to produce the title. This was done in Microsoft Word and was imported into Microsoft Publisher.

Inside Pages

First of all I open the program, because it is separate. I carry on the work by adding the text. The text could not fit in the frame. So I had to rearrange the font size to make it smaller. Now that the text was added I can carry on to put colour in the leaflet.

Version 3

Front and back pages

Now I needed to add any design features I need. So the main design features, which was needed was the colour in the leaflet. S o I added the colour in both these pages so that it was the same colour on the front and back page. It covered everything including the text then I clicked the “send to back” icon and it went to the background.

Inside pages

The inside pages were different colour to the front and back pages because I decided to use a variety of colours throughout the leaflet. So I chose what colour I wanted and sent it to the background.

Version 4

Front and back pages

The leaflet looks to be more appropriate now. This leaflet’s front and back page has changed due to more colours to the textboxes. The textboxes and title textbox now contain different colours and different colours to the front and back page. This looks to be a final version, which may need some changes.

Inside pages

The inside pages also receive the same treatment with the colours. The textboxes have the came colours as the textboxes on the front and back page. The textboxes colour also have a different colour to the background of the inside pages. This looks to be the final version although a final few changes are needed.

Version 5

Front and back pages

Even though version 4 was the final version it needed some changes. The first change I did was to rearrange the text box and the box with the contact details into the middle of the back page. The same thing was done to the front page where the hamster picture and the title were moved to the middle of the front page. This was done due to them being too close to the edge. There was also a line, which was there to indicate the mid point to separate the two pages. It was only there to help me and I deleted that line.

Inside pages

The inside page also consisted of rearranging of the textboxes and writing. The hamster picture was moved away from the edge. The textboxes on both of the inside pages was moved into the middle of each page. After this I deleted the line, which indicated to the mid point. The leaflet was now perfect.

Version 6

Front and back pages

The version had a colour print. No changes were made.

Inside pages

The version had a colour print. No changes were made.

I carried out the task successfully. I carried it out in the following ways:

Front page

* First I inserted a drawing system which consisting of a rectangle to cover the page. (Front page and back page.)

* After this I inserted background colour to the page. The colour pallet is a key feature is a key feature.

* I then imported the title, which was done in word art, it was big and it stood out.

* After this I imported a hamster image from the shared area.

Back page

* I first did the colour of the back page; this was done the same time as the front page.

* Then I imported the name, address, telephone number and the logo from the shared area.

* After this I inserted a text box facility for the opening times, urgent cases and emergency contact.

* I inserted the background colour of the text box.

Inside pages

* I accessed the colour pallet and made the inside cover colourful.

* I got the information of how to take care of your hamster from the Shared area. It was also available in the GCSE booklet.

* I got the picture of the hamster from the shared area.

* There was too much text so I had to make the font size smaller.

* I made the sub-headings stand out in bold.

* I made the text box colourful. This had the text in it.

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