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Instructional Design and Technology Essay Sample

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Instructional Design and Technology Essay Sample

The readings from first three chapters of Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology have immensely helped me to comprehend Instructional Design and Technology not only in everyday processes but also from a historical perspective. The authors have attempted to describe how the definitions of instructional design and technology have evolved throughout the history and how it has been implemented at certain places.

There has always been a debate upon the correct definition of the instructional design and technology as it has been usually associated with instructional media and utilized as a part of the type of instructive movies and visual photographs in the earlier half of the 20th century. But the later advancements suggest that this is not just an instructional media but a complete process as well. The authors have made clear that it does not equate media rather it is an area that requires instructional media as a major aspect of the plan and conveyance of the instruction.

I was amazed that the educational institutes despite being the ones that employed instructional technology to facilitate the learning process were not successful in changing the instructional practices. Rather the private and mostly the military sectors were the early adopters and had made a lot of contributions in integrating new technologies in the process of teaching. It all happened during the II World War when the psychologists attempted to work on the cognitive and behavioral models.

I think the major reason behind the failure of the education sector was due to the lack of funding and availability in the education system and also due to the fact that no one considered it important to perform research in that sector as was done in the military sector. Reiser also stated that the teachers’ resistance to change and lack of guidance were the factors that lead to that failure. However, if we look at the present situation, we would be relieved to find that major progress has been done in the education sector.

As we are now living in a global world where technology is always at hand, there is a constant and increasing need to employ new ways of imparting education and considering the significance of the matter, multiple new practices have been used by the educational institutions to enhance the instructional process. The Learning Management systems, online courses, bulletin boards, and forums have not only facilitated the learning process but have also resulted in a paradigm shift. One example of such shift is student-centered approach to instructional design and technology.

The learners have always been the prime importance in the learning process and the essential objective of an instructor has always been to give the best training to the learners. With learners focused approach, the objective and central purposes of all lessons is directed to enhance the learners’ progress and performance. With this approach students can likewise take more control and obligation of their learning and will undoubtedly turn out to be more engaged. While an instructor based procedure may in any case consider the execution levels of the learners, it is based more in light of performance level of learners.

Now more effective and creative learning tasks are being used that suit the skill level and needs of the students. However, the evolution of instructional design and technology has immensely enhanced the learning and this process has altogether lead to a systematic process that includes the identification of objectives, plan, implementation and evaluation of directions. Instructional design and technology if implemented effectively can be very beneficial but we should also make certain changes according ever-changing world so that we can meet all the requirements for enhancing individual performance.

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