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Introduction of TOPIC


            Insurance industry is one of the fastest growing industries nowadays. It offers security against monetary fatalities caused by accidents or calamities. Insurance company or industry provides different types of insurance. This paper will show the benefits of insurance in our lives.

Health Care Industry and Manage Care Organization

            The health care industry is rapidly changing. In the past years, there are two type of health insurance: The basic health insurance and comprehensive health insurance. Employers and other individuals uses the comprehensive type of health insurance or health care plan because normally it covers expensive treatments or those categorize as long term illnesses and the insurance company has an employed medical specialist.. While in the basic health insurance, there is no guarantee that they have an employed medical specialist although it covers most of the expenses cause by

illness or by an accident. This includes the hospitalization, medical check ups and treatment, x-ray

photos, laboratory testing, maternity care and surgery.

Because of the increasing amount of medical treatments and the inability of the public to pay for a health care plan, manage care organizations believe that they have to intervene with the situation. Manage care organization thinks that they have to control the increasing amount of health care (Schmeler, 2006). With this action of the manage care organizations, they have attracted the public to use their health insurance product (Schmeler, 2006). Since consumers trust the manage care organization, they want to control the medical intervention or treatment is going to be administered to them (Schmeler, 2006). While the providers felt that they are not in control of the situation and the treatment that should be given to their patients are not the best one and its for the best or benefit of their company (Schmeler, 2006).


            Manage care organizations has an important role in the health care industry. They provide financial assistance in the medical treatment or interventions needed by the consumers. Manage control organizations affect and control the consumers and providers. With the increasing number of this organization, the quality of the product is now compromised. Consumers must learn to be aware of the good quality health care plan.


Schmeler, M. (2006, March 2). How To Choose a Managed Care Organization if you use a Wheelchair.   Retrieved june 13, 2007, from

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