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Developing an integrated information management system for a human service organization, one would need to know the four external and six internal considerations and their functions. The four external data considerations are economical, sociological, political, and technological. Economic considerations include information needed from all the funding sources and information about the competitors. The sociological considerations include the demographics of the community, all the needs and all problems of that community. Political considerations include data from the board of directors.

And technological considerations include the technology to be used to track progress and how the technology can be implemented to improve the agency. The six internal considerations are organizational purpose, mission and philosophy, organizational planning, organizational operations, human resources, technological resources, and financial resources. The organizational purpose, mission, and philosophy is used to track progress within the organization by making sure the company is accomplishing what it set out to do. Organizational planning is used to set goals and objectives for the organization to accomplish. This requires examination of the data collected and using the data to make changes to better the organization.

The organizational operations define how the organization will operate. After the data collected, it is then analyzed to see if changes can be made and how to make those changes. Human resources deal with staff, including staff qualifications and staff training. Data is collected to see what is needed for qualifications of the staff, training, and staff development that would benefit the organization. Technological resources determine how the organization use computers, cellphones, and other devices to accomplish it goals. Staff communication with each other and the community they serve is included in this resource. Lastly, the financial resources deal with the money. It is how the company tracks cash flow. This includes money spent and money received and it helps to create a budget for the organization to prevent overspending.

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