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Campaign Plan Topic Proposal Form: Due Week 1 Complete this form and submit it to the Week 1 Course Project: Topic Proposal Dropbox. Your instructor must approve your idea, and will give you feedback and suggestions if you need help. Begin by brainstorming and generating a list—you have several options when choosing a product or service for your IMC plan. Consider choosing a brand that you have a passion for or creating a new brand for a new company or a new brand for an existing company. Perhaps you would want to select a product extension of an existing product.

You might consider a different approach to marketing an existing service—you may select a product or a service. You can target consumers or businesses. You may choose a product or service offered by your employer or your own business, or one from another organization. Ultimately, to maximize your learning experience, choose a product or service brand that you have an interest in. Make sure there is information available about the industry and target market of the brand that you have selected. Think about why this brand needs an IMC Campaign—or why the existing campaign needs to be changed—what problem are you solving?

Your name:

Identify and describe the selected brand.

What brand problem are you attempting to solve with an IMC?

Who do you think the target audience is? (Remember that you will need to confirm this with research.)

Are similar or competitive brands available? List or briefly describe a similar brand.

How does your brand differ from competitors? What is the distinctive competitive advantage?

Do you have questions for your instructor? Please list them here.

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