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1. What are some differences between Judy and Mariah that might make Judy more “at risk” for skin cancer than Mariah? (2 points)

2. What observations did Judy make concerning her mole? How could they have used the ABCDE’s of skin cancer assessment to further assist their observations? (2 points)

3. Should Judy be concerned? Why or why not? (2 points)

Part II—”The Basics of Cancer” Questions

1. Considering the differences between a benign tumor and a malignant tumor, why might a benign tumor be easier to treat? (3 points)

2. Judy learned that every single person has these cell cycle genes so cells in our body can divide when necessary. What are some normal circumstances where our bodies might need to make more cells? Why is the skin continuously replacing its main cell and what specific damages to the skin would there be a need to make more cells? (3 points)

3. Every person has these cell cycle proto-oncogenes, but not every person has cancer. Why might this be the case? (3 points)

Part III—”Like Mother, Like Daughter?” Questions

1. Now that you know a little more, what are the risk factors that increase a person’s chances of having melanoma? Besides the ABCDE’s, what other signs/symptoms can melanoma present with on a patient? (2 points)

2. How does sunlight contribute to the development of melanoma? (2 points)

3. What does it mean to be predisposed to getting cancer? If you inherit a mutated cell cycle gene, does that automatically mean that you will get cancer some day? If you inherit a mutated cell cycle gene and participate in risky behaviors such as sunbathing, does that mean that you will automatically get cancer some day? (4 points)

4. What is the prevalence and occurrence for Melanoma? What are the treatment options and success rates for melanoma? (2 points)

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