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Technological revolutions in history have significantly impacted the established products, methods and practices in architecture practice and techniques. In particular, technological inventions in information technology including telecommunication embedded computing, ubiquitous computing and mass- customization have significantly revolutionized architectural designing techniques, construction and products. The impact of technology in architecture is limited to progress towards an increasingly distributed though integrated process of architecture design and mechanization of construction technologies. Technological revolution in information processing has potentially impacted the core products and processes of architecture, and revolutionized architecture discipline and practice. Such impact includes the integration of distinctly standardized architectural services and products into a unique whole.

This integration has enabled mass-customization and subsequently promoted the cost-leadership competence of architecture products and services without a compromise on quality. In addition, embedded computing that involve implanting inter-linked computational devices in the construction components as well as the technique of assembling them has made the process of architectural products and construction more intelligent, and able to adapt to the dynamic demands of clients without redesign requirements. Recent, revolutionary integrated circuit technology improvement coupled with computer architecture innovations have resulted to a speed of CPU performance development unprecedented since the middle of the 20th century. Computer architecture innovations has continuously improve Microprocessor-based machines at a speed range of 1.5 and 2 times per year for the last seven years.

Improvement speed for minicomputers or mainframes computers are approximately 25% every year. Seemingly, recent developments in computer technology particularly in information technology have significantly improved architectural methods, techniques and practice. For instance, thermal and energy simulations have improved collaboration and enhanced design representation in architecture through modeling of architectural structural behavior. Building Information Model (BIM) has also replaced the traditional CAD program that is used to provide data on geometric entities in architecture by capturing spatial relationships rather than domain-particular information. BIM offer a general database of information on a construction such as attribute and geometry. Unlike the individually generated and utilized CAD program, BIM provide a general and centralized structure for sharing information that coud be utilized by the entire agents in the architecture construction and process, and for the facility management after construction and occupation.

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