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International Essays


International Law Vs National Law

International law and national law are often in a conflict on some certain cases where it is hard to determine whether an international law will prevail or vice versa. On the other hand, many theorists are ultimately concerned with a

International Management PepsiCo

One of the largest American multinational foods, snacks and Beverage Company first founded in 1898, with products available in more than 200 counties worldwide, PepsiCo Inc. is demonstratively one of the top leading business winners within the Food and Beverage

The International Monetary Exam

1. Calls upon Member States, especially those in a position to do so, and relevant United Nations organizations to make greater efforts to promote sustainable agriculture in order to substantiate and fortify global food security. A measure that can be

Realism Theory in International Law

The Theory             The Realism Theory, in defining International Relations, says that states are motivated by the desire to acquire more military and economic power to attain security, and not by ethics or other ideals, in interacting with each other.

Roots of 9/11

The rivers of rage are considered to be anger and the hatred that the Arab and the Muslim world hold against the United States. The horrendous attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are considered to have

Solutions to Malaria

            The international fight against Malaria has been gathering pace in recent past. Indeed, wealthy individuals, organizations, and governments in developed nations have all been developing ways and means of controlling the Malaria Scourge and possibly eradicate this killer disease

International Related Paper

About the Associated Press             The much famed Associated Press (AP) has a history tracing back to 1846. Usually, the AP divides its history into four epochs: the 1846-1900 era as the nascent age; 1901-1950 as the establishment age of

International Relations

The future of Iraq remains uncertain at best. Everybody has realized by this time that there are no easy ways out for the nation that has just shaken off its tyrannical past. Without a tradition of democracy, with deep cleavages

Royal Caribbean Marketing Project

Cruise operator Royal Caribbean International (RCL) is looking to new emerging markets for business to ensure its business stays buoyant during the current economic crisis. They have implemented a strategy of targeting and growing their international business more rapidly than

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