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It is important to choose the right person for the job as expatriates are expensive for organizations. There are many implications of expatiate failure, including: Replacement cost (selection, training, salary)

Disruption to the organization
Possible reduction in service quality
Negative impact on relationship with customers and suppliers Negative impact on the morale of colleagues
The impact on the failed expatriate – may find it difficult to get another job in the organization. To avoid expatriate failure we will have to design a selection process to recruit effective and efficient expatriates, however which has to be completed in a maximum of 2 days. The 30 interested candidates will be asked to submit their applications along with their resume, certificates and other necessary documents. PCNs are required to fill up the top level management of the hotel. The rationale for recruiting PCNs at the top level management are as follows: Obtaining better knowledge of the corporation culture.

Being familiar with the company’s management techniques.
Selecting people with proven loyalty who are influential at the home headquarters. Their qualifications are easier to access.
Already have a relationship with the organization.

The first step in the selection process is the screening process. On Day 1 during the initial screening process our team will describe the job in detail so the candidates can consider seriously about applying. After that we will compile the resume and curriculum vitae and other required documents from the interested applicants and analyse them. The screening process will help to ensure that the right match is made between the work to be done and the person to do it. The initial screening reviews application materials to determine if minimum qualifications for the position have been met. We will review the applicant’s qualifications compared with the qualifications specified in the job announcement. Applications will be ranked or prioritized according to the screening criteria review established by the management committee and top candidates are identified and called for interview the next day. Hopefully by Day 1 we will be able to screen out some of the applying candidates.

Our selection factors will be as follows:
Cultural Adjustment (Diversity Acceptance, Global Experience) Organization requirement(Organization Knowledge, Job Related Skills) Personal characteristics (EQ, Stress Coping)
Communication skills (Language, Listening, Conflict Resolution) Personal concerns (Career Growth, Personal Life Demands, Family Considerations)

Minimum requirements for the job will be as follows:
Have passion to work in new environment and learn new language (French).

Possible to move, live and work in France.

Bilingual fluent in English, prefer if one is fluent in French (Reading, Writing and Speaking)

Prefer College or University degrees in “Hospitality Studies” or “Hotel Management”.

Computer Literacy: MS Office, Excel, Powerpoint. E-mail and Internet.

Work experience in customer service related positions.

Selection Procedure:

Fix up a date for interview of the candidate.

Preparing the interview panel.

Preparing interview question & call the candidate for interview.

Justify the educational quality of the candidate for the job.

Justify their speaking quality in English also in French.

Ask all candidates the same core questions.

Evaluating their attitude & interaction quality.

Justify their thinking & presentation quality.

Ensuring their self-motivation and ability to work autonomously in the new country.

Justify the confidence level & checking up their experience.

Evaluating their knowledge about the culture of the France.

Prepare a little workshop for evaluating the candidates & look up the motivation level incase of existing.

We will establish a panel consisting of senior managers, HR representatives and prospective colleagues of Brunt Hotels to conduct a situational and behavioral interview and choose from the pool of applied candidates on Day 2. To ensure fairness and consistency, the interview process is to be conducted in similar fashion for all candidates. Panel interviews offer much more than just saving time. They are more objective since there is less personal interaction, so the temptation to “chat” is reduced. Furthermore, panel members can consecutively question any candidate in rapid succession, meaning the candidate has to show an in-depth knowledge of the job’s requirements. Interviews can also be quite daunting for the candidate, so the recruiter can see how they handle tense situations. Situational interview questions will be asked to the potential candidates which are specific questions about what may happen on a job. The candidate is asked to assess a situation and to provide solutions on how he or she would handle it.

In many cases, situation based interview questions involve problem solving and handling difficult situations in the workplace. Behavioral interview of the potential candidates will also be undertaken by the panel, these interviews are past-oriented in which the panel would ask respondents to relate what they did in past jobs or life situations that are relevant to the particular job and relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success. The idea is that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance. By asking questions about how job applicants have handled situations in the past that are similar to those they will face on the job, which will help us can gauge how they might perform in future situations. After the successful completion of the interview, we will evaluate the candidates and review the interview of top candidates and recommended selection. If necessary we will provide pre-departure training such as Cultural Awareness Programs, Preliminary Visits (if required), Language Training (if required) and practical assistance to the selected candidates which will contribute to their smooth transition in France.

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