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Many people now are internationally migrating (moving country to country). Mexico (the source country) is moving to the USA (the host country). People are not moving legally or illegally. 700,000 Mexicans have come legally where as 1,000,000 people have come illegally. Many Mexicans want to go to the USA because there are many problems with Mexico. In Mexico the health care is very bad with 500 patients per doctor and the

per doctor and the USA has 350 patients per doctor. The average life expectancy in Mexico is 72. This shows the lack of health care and lack of education because people are not educated enough to know how to care for themselves. The lack of education has caused a literacy rate of 89%. In Mexico there are not different types of jobs which means people with a lack of education have not got jobs that can be suitable for the needs and for those who have got an education, there are not many jobs for them. The main work that takes place in Mexico is farming. The average salary for Mexico is $6000 per year. There are also many Earthquakes that take place in Mexico which kills many people and loses their homes and family. There is also high unemployment and underemployment of 28%.

Many Mexicans want to go to the USA because there are many positive aspects for the Mexicans. There is very good health care at 360 patients per doctor also the good health care has shown in the average life expectancy of 76. The USA education is very good with a literacy rate of 99%. The better education gives people better jobs giving them higher wages with an average salary of 50,000 per year. There are also jobs that cater for everyone even for the 1% illertacy people in the USA and for the many in Mexico.

The host country (USA) has many effects on their country by taking in Mexicans. The negative aspects on the country are the unskilled Americans find it hard to get jobs because many of the Mexicans have taken away their jobs. The wages are also kept low which effect how much the Americans earn. The country also ends up having a lot of racism and fights. The illegal immigration is seen as a drain on the American economy due to the costs of border control, and do not pay taxes.

The positive effects on the host country are the Mexican will work with low paid wages which makes the business have a better profit. The Mexicans are willing to do low quality jobs that the American are not willing to do. Also many cultural aspects are brought into the families e.g. food, language and music.

The source country (Mexico) has many negative aspects. There is large scale depopulation in many towns and villages. Many men migrate which means there are many women in the country and is a difficulty to find people to marry to and also there are not enough men to do the hard labour jobs. The country is also left with the very old and very young because many of the young strong people are the ones who migrate. The rural areas in Mexico have not got many economically active people e.g. doctors, teacher etc.

The Positive effects on the source country are they send back remittances which means sending back money to Mexico. Immigrants have sent back around $20 million a year to Mexico. This money can support a better standard of living and helps boost the economy because they are now spending more money on quality food, health care and education.

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