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Nation states always try to follow their own national interests for moving forward leaving to recognize internationalism. The only goal of nation states is following their national interest which gives them no chance for seeing the benefits of internationalism. Internationalism is all about global equality, it is based on the idea that cooperation between people and movements in different countries. Internationalism is an ideology that centres on the idea that cooperation among countries promotes common good for all in political, social and economic terms. Internationalism has progressed during the last years and is progressing at the same pace. Internationalism promotes peace and security, self-determination, economic stability and humanitarianism. Internationalism in past has helped in solving environmental issues very powerfully by bringing all nation states together and solving the issues. Internationalism makes the nation and states more connected by linking them towards a common goal and help the countries to pursue common interests.

Internationalism makes the world a better place to live in. As each coin has two sides, Internationalism also has both good effects as well as bad effects. Nation states may have to sacrifice some of their national interests in order to make policy like Internationalism to function properly. As nation states do not want to sacrifice their national interest it may act as a barrier in the proper functioning of Internationalism. Internationalism can also sometimes lead nation states to lose their sovereignty. I have decided to support Earl Warren’s idea of internationalism and believe that internationalism is good for maintain peace and security, self-determination, economic stability in the world. Internationalism in past has a good record of solving global issue involving environment and global issues like climate change, poverty, human rights, greenhouse effect, ozone depletion as countries work together towards a common goal in solving these problems. Countries often collectively find solutions agreeing to each other as how the problem can be solved, these are often helped by United Nations Organization (U.N.).

For instance, The Kyoto protocol is an international agreement brought up by countries together to minimize the production of greenhouse gases that are a key factor for global climate change. There are many more organizations like World Health Organization (W.H.O) that focus on eradicating poverty, hunger and diseases in developing nations and Arctic Council that aim to promote sustainable development to eliminate any threats towards Arctic land and environment. Internationalism helps in bringing countries together and focuses on common interests and finding peaceful solutions so that all the nation states ensure peace and security for their people. United Nations (U.N) is one of the most important international organizations that help promote internationalism. United Nation has over 190 member countries which are constantly working together to promote peace and security around the world. The U.N is a international organization that is not under any control of any country around the world.

U.N has several specialized units for every part of the world. For example: The Security Council to maintain security around the world, W.H.O to eliminate poverty, hunger and deadly disease from poor as well as rich countries etc. The U.N plays a major role in peacekeeping missions around the world to maintain peace and to prevent crimes. For example U.N organized successful peacekeeping missions in Cambodia, Namibia and Tajikistan etc. U.N also helps countries to develop relations with other countries and provide humanitarian aid, medical help, help in stabilizing economy of developing countries and help to remove hunger and some deadly diseases from society.

For Example U.N set up a World Food Programme (W.F.P) to address hunger worldwide, It helped in changing several lives in Sudan as the transportation of food was made a lot easier with the construction of roads taken up W.F.P. Internationalism is for the benefit of nation states as it can help to maintain peace and security around the world and hence make the world a better place to live in. Internationalism is all about putting their national interest a side and focusing on world as a whole. Internationalism can help in solving of international disputes and problems in a peaceful manner.

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