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People nowadays can achieve extensive range of information resources and services through the internet. However, people always argued that internet brings issue society such as invasion of privacy by hacking people’s account. In contrary with it, people move much faster in every way. Instead the people who use it are the one that brings harm. In my opinion, I strongly believe that internet brings more advantages than disadvantages to the world.

Firstly, internet now becomes an important global system of interconnected computer networks. Internet links the people around the world, they can change the news and information instantly among the country by updates in the network . Furthermore, the relationship is easily built up through the network society such as Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and several mobile application likes Whatsapp, WeChat and Line which can function easily by connected to the internet. This enables people to maintain their relationship better and stronger.

For the next advantage is internet allowed big companies to capture a lot of business online. Many companies now not only depend on the business cooperation by the sale assistant but also pay more focus on the income brings through the online business. Online business also give more choices to ordinary people. The website administrator driven down the prices as people find it easier to compare the price between different company. Besides that, small business can also cheaply set up in the internet by any society or part-timer likes housewife who want to earn more income.

Apart from this, internet contains a lot of information resources that allowed people to make reference on it. People can gain the knowledge about the academic through the website such as Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo and so on. For instance, Google nowadays becomes a teaching material of lecturer in many university, college and also secondary school. Student do their homework or project by refer the information not only from book but also from internet. As they excess more information more knowledge they gain.

In addition, internet nowadays allowed people to manage their bank account easily through the official website of bank. For example, people can transfer money between different account and their friend’s account to solve the debt problem. The services such as online payment enable people to booking a hotel earlier when they want to travel. They also able to booking an earlier bus or train ticket for travel especially when there are public holidays. This online payment services make people move faster and prevent the long queue scenery in several ticket counter.

In conclusion, I still believe that internet brings more advantages than disadvantages to us. People will get the advantages of internet since we use it wisely.

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