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Internet Paper Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Introduction “The number of the Internet users worldwide has reached the two billion mark”, according to the UN’s telecommunication agency, “and nearly one person in three surfs online, with the world’s population exceeding 6.8 million”. The Internet is becoming more and more essential in our daily life. However, the problems of study, work and leisure which rely on the Internet are becoming increasingly serious. Under the circumstances, people should find solutions to make Internet more academic reliable and provided with high-level data security and predict being a breeding bed of gambling addiction. First, in this article, it will talk about the problem happening in Internet study especially academic reliability. And then this essay will point out the lack of data protection, with using the Internet for work. After that it will show the Internet gambling problem. The solutions can be seen after each problem.

Finally, a conclusion including about the summary, limitations of this essay and future research will be shown at the end of this article. Study Apparently, there are a large number of information in the Internet, however, inaccurate information, misconceptions and different opinions from the Internet also can be found by the students and researchers. It suggests that to use the Internet for study is not really academically reliable. For example, in Nicole T. Ansani(2005) and his colleagues research, by means of using AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google .etc to search terms related to arthritis, only 11.9% of all the 600 arthritis web sites were valuable for the users and provided the analysis, moreover, none of the web sites can be understood by the readers with no more than a sixth-grade reading ability.

Therefore, they made a conclusion that “the quality of arthritis information on the Internet varied widely”. Although determining the reliability of information is increasingly becoming a problem on the Internet, there are some ways to help people identify how to properly use the Internet as a source of Information. According to Anton Vedder and Robert Wachbroit (2003), “The short answer is to foster the online presence of established credibility-conferring institutions”. But they also offered a very complex framework by using content criteria which can show whether the information depend on a reliable evidence including methodology, statistics, etc to support the information and pedigree criteria that is a function to assess the source of the information. Generally, the information from high reputation web sites, such as .gov sites and .edu sites, is always highly trusted. Work


ith the development of the Internet technology, more and more companies exchange their business data

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over the Internet, however, the low-level Internet security can lead to data loss. For instance, a cyber attack to Saudi Aramco, Riyadh’s state oil company, which finally disabled approximately 30,000 computers, was aimed at stopping oil and gas output at the biggest OPEC crude exporter. J. V. Hansen (2013) have stated that international commerce is facing two types of the Internet risk – unauthorized access risks including intercepting a transaction between trading partners and equipment failure risks which can result in data loss in the Internet database. With regard to this increasingly serious problem, many Internet security companies come up with a variety of solutions for this problem. While the easiest and most reliable way to control Internet security is that “periodically run security breach tests on the network, analyze the results and take appropriate steps”, according to J. V. Hansen (2013).

Internet security is an issue that will be a growing concern, when more and more companies use the Internet for their business, so no matter what kind of firms should keep their mind on this field and allocate some resources to protect their data and transactions. Leisure The recent improvements of the Internet technology have made a wide and new way for the Internet gambling. And Internet gambling is more likely to cause the addiction than other gambling. Psychologists Dr. George Ladd and Dr. Nancy Petry found that nearly 11% of 389 people in their survey were problem gamblers and over 15% met the criteria for pathological gamblers in 2002. According to their research, younger people were more likely to become Internet gamblers and heavy Internet gambling addiction may lead to mental disorder including the problems of pervasive anxiety, substance abuse, circulatory disease. The Internet can be widely used in varied devices, so to forbid Internet gamblers using Internet seems impossible.

The way to cut back the Internet gambling addiction should include psychological therapy. Dr. Kimberly Young(2007) pointed out that the treatment for Internet gambling addiction included “motivation for treatment, dealing with underlying social problems, addressing multiple addictions and relapse, and making amends and to help clients maintain abstain from problematic Internet applications, recovery interventions should apply structured, measurable, and systematic techniques”.

Definitely, patients’ cooperation is necessary in this treatment. Conclusion In conclusion, although the number of the Internet users is drastically increasing in recent years, untrusted academical reliability, low-level security and Internet gambling never go away from the Internet. In this article, it has discussed the solutions to these problems.  While, because of the limitation of time, word count and the number of material, these solutions are insufficient to deeply solve the all the problems happening on the Internet and just offer a base for future research. It can be seen that the Internet is rapidly developing and is going to be widely used in the mobile devices, so the analysis and prediction of the future mobile Internet will be an attractive topic to study in the future.


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