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Introduction of TOPIC

What is Interpersonal Communication? That is a question I pondered when I started writing this paper. According to the class textbook Interpersonal Communication is the verbal and nonverbal communication between two interdependent people(sometimes more). Effective communication can determine how you will be in your personal, social, or professional life as well as the audience. Communication can allow you to express your emotions as well as your ideas. Could you really imagine how your life would be if you couldn’t express yourself. Communication also allows you to build relationships, make decisions, and communication plays a very important role in education after all it helps the teacher/professor interact with the students in their courses.

According to the textbook, the students will really benefit after taking this course. It will benefit me as a student intellectually and practically. I hope to intellectually improve on so many everyday things. For example how I would be responding to a complaint, applying for a job, and because of my shyness making new friends. While I improve on those examples, I also need to think practically about those examples. That means I need to reevaluate myself. If I could figure out another way to deal with my struggles I could really improve my self interpersonally and throughout life.

Our second segment to discuss will be four of the principles of interpersonal communication. The four principles I want to discuss is purpose, content and relationship messages, process of adjustment and ambiguous.

Let’s start with the first principle purpose, we use our interpersonal communication skills to learn and relate to each other. For example, My best friend and I had a discussion the other day of how I act in front of people and how I act when it is just us. She told me that I am shy in front of a crowd and I am more wild and outgoing when it is just the two of us. The p

urpose I got from that was she was able to relate to my question and also give me feed back of how I

acted. Then I got to learn something about myself I had never noticed.

The second principle is content and relationship of messages. I did not realize how much I have used this principle. For example my sister loves to get her hair done a lot. I remember she came back with a bob cut and I asked her how much it cost and she said $250.00. I replied by saying, “You paid $250.00 for a bob hair cut?”

The message I had relayed was just stating she paid $250.00 for the hair cut, but the content was stating that I could not believe she paid that much money to get her hair cut. Next the principle of adjustment is about learning how to adjust to how people communicate. For example, how my mother would communicate to me and how my friends would communicate to me would be totally different. If my mother said my full name I would no something was wrong or I was in trouble but If my friend did it I know it would not be important. It is all about adjusting to the people and how they communicate.

The last principle is ambigious. This is just relaying a message that can have many meanings. For example I said to a lady , “You better not wear that or you will look like who shot John.” This saying is used to describe how a person will not look at their best. The lady I was talking to thought that someone had literally shot John. That is why it is always good to clarify that the person receiving your message understands fully.

The final segmant discuss is the strengths and weaknesses of interpersonal skill that I have. I feel my interpersonal skill that I excel in are accommodation, mindfulness and packaging. The items that I find I have weakness in are feedback, feed forward and noise management.

The I am able most of the time to accommodating to the listener that is speaking to me. Mindfulness I am good with because I know how to be open with everyone. I don’t necessarily judge a book by its cover. I have and open mind and I can give a person a shot not just judging them on first impression. Packaging I find I have strength in is I know how to pack together the things that I am saying. I can she my non verbal and verbal cues together to get my messages across.

The first item I have weakness is in feedback. Feedback is being able to listen to verbal and non verbal cues sometimes. It also correlates with feed forward which I have a weakness also. In feed forward I always have a problem with giving comments to the other person or easing from one topic to the other.

I am looking forward to this class. I hope to improve in all the areas discussed. I want to be a better communicator and grow to be a better listener. I hope this class will truly expand the way I converse with others.

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