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Under what circumstances have you known the applicant?

 I met the applicant during the interview process at Countrywide Home Loans, in June 2001.

 What do you consider the applicant’s outstanding abilities?

 The applicant is extremely bright, ethical, mature, autonomous, adaptable, and result oriented. He is well known for his ability to put his technical expertise into practice. He is good at problem solving and leveraging his past experience into new technologies

 What is the applicant’s leadership potential?

 The applicant is a quick learner. He demonstrated his capabilities in planning, team building, resource mobilization, and project implementation. He proved his commitment and project management skills by meeting project implementation deadlines. His influence on management to take up new projects demonstrates his leadership skills.

 In your opinion, is the MBA program at this time an appropriate part of the applicant’s career path? Why or why not?

 Yes, the MBA program is appropriate at this time as a part of the applicant’s career path. Most of the applicant’s experience is in software development. The applicant desires to gain more global exposure, and is also keen to expand his own software business. I would venture to say that the renowned diversity and hands on approach of your program are likely the key drivers of his choice. I have had the chance to discover his appreciation about your programs “E2B- Applied Learning Program features” and “Expand Global perspective.”

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