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Interview in China and America Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Interview is widely accepted to recruit new employees in business. However, the essay aims to compare and contrast the similarities and differences both in Chinese style interview and American style interview. First of all, it focus on comparing the preparations before the interview, and then it will compare the process of the interview. Firstly, both the Chinese and American business leaders will check the resume of the applicant prior to the interview. The reason is that resume is very important that it includes the experiences and past achievements of the interviewee, also it help interviewer to understand the applicant. Another feature of resume is that the applicant is supposed not to provide any information about the salary in it. Otherwise business leaders might think the applicant care more about the money than the nature of the job. Anyway, a great resume is key to getting the job in both nations.

Then, before the interview different interview laws are applied depending on different country. In the USA, there is law names anti-discrimination law concerns interview, and its counterpart in China is named the labor law. For example, in America, the examiner cannot discriminate any applicants because of their age, looking or marriage conditions, as these infor

mation are very private and personal, so a disabled man can have a fair chance to find a good job as

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a healthy man. In China, according to the labor laws, the interviewee need to give a complete and real resume which includes photo, age and relationship to leaders.

The reason is that Chinese government realized that this relationship might affect the character and attitude of this particular interviewee in the future work. Therefore, the interviewee needs to know the laws before having any interviews in these nations. Secondly, the processes are basically the same in both countries. For instance, in both countries, the first thing to do in the interview is always a self-introduction for the interviewee. The reason is that the interviewer need check whether the information in the resume is true or false, and also check interviewee’s language, logic abilities. So the through this process, the preparation and value orientation of the applicant will became evident to the examiner. Then the examiner can decide whether the interviewee should stay or leave.

Anyway, a good self-introduction is very crucial part in both Chinese interview and USA interview. On the other hand, companies in different countries have different preference when it regards recruiting talent. For instance, in the American company Apple, the interviewer likes to ask question as “please explain something and why you think you can work in Apple”.(2012) The reason is that American education aims to cultivate confidence, let students rise to the challenge But in China, the interviewer usually ask the applicant to do a writing test like answer the meaning of market economy.

And the reason is Chinese education still keep a lot of ancient elements which highlights instilling knowledge and rote. So traditionally, Chinese think people who have degree have ability. Thus, Chinese and American companies have different process for their interview. To sum up, the essay will compare the interview process between China and America. It first compares the preparation before the interview, and then it compares the process during the interview. So interview process is diversified in different nations, but it is a necessary instrument to recruit talents in all the countries.

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