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Interview with Human Resources Professional Essay Sample

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Interview with Human Resources Professional Essay Sample


Human resource management is one of the current business management phenomenons that have revolutionized management of employees in the organization. The concept of human resource management strategy with big organization but currently even the small organizations are embracing the concept. This shows that human resource management has found itself a place in organization productivity. Heading the human resource department, human resource professionals have found themselves playing increasing role and sometime in a dilemma position to meet the demands of the employees and the need to improve the performance of the organization.  In order to get a clear understanding of the functioning of human resource management, I interviewed the head of human resource management in one of the leading Wall Mart Store outlet, Mr. *David. In this interview, David outlined the major function of human resource management being to hire the most appropriate employees for the organization.

Function, roles and challenges facing human resource professionals

According Mr. [1]*David, Human resource management can be described as a strategic coherent approach   the management of the workforce in an organization.  This means the main focus of human resource management is to oversee the welfare of the employee in the organization while at the same time ensure that they meet their obligation to the organization.  Human resource managers are entrusted with the duty of recruiting the most appropriate employee for the organization. This is where the functional role of human resource managers starts. Recruitment is the single most important function of human resource management as it ensures that the organization is well staffed with appropriate employees.

Human resource professional’s roles are well curved to management of the employees. To play this function, they have to ensure that they assess the employee demand of the organization and consequently plan the recruitment process. They take a thorough assessment of the deities that are taken by each employee to assess whether there is any employee who is overburdened. There are many reasons why an organization can decide to recruit new employee. *David argues that organizational recruitment may be for replacement of a position that has been left vacant after departure of an employee. It can also be from an assessment that shows that there the current employees are overburdened and will need additional employees to share duties and responsibilities with. Sometimes an organization may be expanding and may require hiring of new employees to effective take up new duties.

However this function is not as simple as it appears in theory. The process of determining the staffing needs and patterns of an organization is a complex one in which there are many factors interplaying. One of the greatest challenge facing human resource managers while determining the staffing pattern is the amount of resources available. *David asserts that it is sometimes difficult to find match the staffing needs of the organization with the resources allocated to human resource management.  This can be a big challenge since human resource managers will be getting complains from different employees about their work load while there may no resource to hire new employees.

Sometimes human resource managers may face the problem if they are not well supported by the management. In this case there are some who may be calling for increased staffing patterns in their department while others may be opposing. Therefore coming up with a convincing staffing pattern that will be accepted by all is sometimes a great challenge.

Despite these challenges, Human resource professionals determine the staffing needs of the organization and they then decide whether the organization has to hire from outside or inside the organization. This will depend on the assessment of the qualification of the employees in the organization and the needs of the job for hire. Sometimes there may be qualified employees in the organization but they will be forced to recruit from outside the organization in order to bring in diversity or to encourage innovation. However it is the role of the human resource managers to weigh down the available hiring options before deciding the one to use and which is in the best interest of the organization.

This assessment should also come up with a clear job description for the employees who are going to take up the job. This includes all the duties that the selected employee will carry out. It also includes the description of the terms of payment for the employee. A job description is useful to the human resource manager in different way. First it defines how the selected employees will operate and how they are going to relate with other employee. It is not just a description of their duties and responsibilities but it has to fulfill a definite pattern of relationship between the employee and others in the organization. A job description is also very used to in the recruitment process. It assists those cross examining the short listed candidates in gauging their appropriateness to the job. A job description gives all the necessary skills to carry out a job and therefore it is important in gauging how a candidate fits to carry out the required job. It also helps them to inquire on the experience of the candidates to carry out the specific jobs they are being recruited for.

After determining the staffing pattern and the source of recruitment human resource managers next plan how to advertise for the jobs. Depending on the source employment, human resource managers will then decide where to place the placement of the advertisement.  If it is an external recruitment, advertisement will be placed in all the famous media or in a public place where it will be seen by the target candidates. Human resource manager can also decide to recruit from trusted education institution in which case they will place the advertisement in these institutions. If it is internal recruitment, the organization will place advertisement in the organization. The mode of advertisement will depend on the kind of recruitment to be carried out and the target candidates. In the advertisement, the organization should give a clear description of the job opportunity and the responsibilities, payment package, the required experience and level of education, the contact where to apply for the job, and expected date of results of the application. *David argues that it is advisable that the organization gives reliable address for application.  One of the challenges that the organization faces here is to give the most reliable address for applying the job which gives all the candidates a means of application that is within their reach. In the modern ICT age, it is advisable to give e-mail or organization website for online application.

Human resource managers must then put a trusted team together that will carry out he recruitment process. In the case, it must liaise with the specific department which is filling the vacancy. This will give the department a chance to recruit their best employees. After the short listing of the candidates, the organization should contact all the short listed candidates and invite them for an interview. The selection process should be fair and free from external interference. The principle of the human resource managers is to select for the organization the most appropriate employee for the job. However sometimes they are faced with eth challenge of selecting candidate who appear very good in the recruitment process but who later fail to deliver in their job. The end of the recruitment process is the invitation of the selected candidates and orientation into their work.

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