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Exhibits a multitude of personalities depicted by Chris McCandless. The book, portrays a perspective of the journey taken to Alaska by a young man who left his family without a trace of his whereabouts. Throughout his trek, Chris, later as he changed his name, Alex, met many people whose lives he changed. Each person he met, he stayed in contact with through letters or visiting face to face with. Unfortunately, his fate ended when he passed while staying in the bus in Alaska. All in all, within the plethora of personas, he illustrates resemblance of myself and Henry David Thoreau. In contrast, he counteracts the lyrics of “Mad World” written by Gary Jules.

Jon Krakauer, in ​ Into the Wild​, portrays Chris McCandless’ determination with reaching his goals, which similarly connects to my never­giving­up attitude. Setting goals and having a passion to achieve such goals creates character that can not be known any other way. Westerberg compliments Chris, “He was the hardest worker I’ve ever seen. Didn’t matter what it was… And he never quit in the middle of something” (Krakauer 18). Chris, known as Alex to  Westerberg, always kept his mind on his end goal of hiking to Alaska into the wilderness and never gave up, even when things got tough. Similarly, my parents always taught me to never give up and follow any dream, no matter how highly standard or crazy it may be, because the outcome can be life changing.

Ever since I was little I always dreamed of playing softball in college and eventually end up on TV, as well as wanting to be an accountant for a small business. Right now, I am in the midst of my dream, working for the last goal. For softball, I play on varsity in high school as a junior. While for school I take 4 AP classes, along with an accounting course. Combining my involvement in softball and school, with a very high probability, I will encounter an opportunity for college in my near future. Fully, Chris McCandless and I share a similar passion for following our dream, no matter the circumstances. Secondly, McCandless portrays similar qualities as Henry David Thoreau with hatred for higher authority.

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience​, criticizes the  government’s power over the citizens and how they unlawfully use that to their advantage.

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