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Every company has its own set of projects and programs that are aimed to enhance its performance as a team with a specific long term objective. There are a number of people assigned to design such projects and present it to the body for the decision making process, whether the product or project will be approved and given a chance to be advertised. The decisions that will be done through a panel discussion is very essential in a company because it has great effects with the sales and even the character of the company, whenever the product will be out in the market.

            Decision making is a process by which a person or a group of people takes into considering the possible advantages and disadvantages of an action. It is a step by which many factors are taken into account for the pursuance of an action. The decision making is often designated to the higher body in terms of a group or an organizing body. For corporations and companies, the decision making is up to the executive committee. It is accompanied by a detailed panel discussion that enables the panelist to be informed of the major and minor consequences of a decision.

Framing the decision

            In observing the situation of Dawn in deciding to buy the product that is used for the company, there are certain factors in the scene that can be concluded essential to the final decision she gave. Dawn, being the production manager at the company needs to have a good grasp of information about the product that they may be using in the future. It was stated that she already bought something that is just the same with the product or the Widget. In this case, she framed her decision with a thorough interview and listening with the dealer who has provided her a video of the features of the said products. Given that the new product is sold with the same price as their old one, and that it has additional features, Dawn considered the amount that she may be saving by purchasing the product. She first had a bucket of the possible advantages of buying the product before buying it. After gathering the benefits it might give her and the company, she bought the product.

Factors on Decision Making

            In Dawn’s situation, I can see that she is concerned with the cost of the savings. She might though t that buying the same product with the additional features. It will not hurt if she will try. There is also a point by which she is asking herself if that is the best way she can help the company. The situation of Dawn was full of moments of thinking. Upon having enough reasons to buy the product, she eventually ended up buying it. She went for the benefits over the disadvantages of purchasing the product. The main reason why she decided to by the product is that she was persuaded by the salesman. It is defined as an art in an article of Working psychology (2004).

Finding my decisions

            In what I believe, decisions can be affected by our cultural views by which we consider a lot of things before jumping into something. Say, if we came from a very Christian family, we may consider the things that would also help our brothers and sisters. Moreover, in influencing others, we still need to consider our audience or those people that may listen with our arguments given (that the arguments) are formulated with a good logic and thus may form a good and sound idea. We influence others by how much we hold on to our ideas, how we give emphasis and heart over the things that we are saying.

Also, since we are beings that are made of different systems, we also have our brains that have a systematized way of synchronizing ideas. Before an idea is inculcated in us, it must pass the standards that are set by our major influences in life which are our country and our family. It is good though that we do not really jump with our instincts. Our brains are still functioning the best way they can to avoid dangerous circumstances and opportunities. As it was described in StudyTips (2008), we must be able to design a strategy in order to have an effective decision making process.


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