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Based on the standard sociological definition, family has been a group of people who are related to one another by bonds of blood, marriage, or adoption and who live together, form an economic unit, bear and raise children. However, today’s families include many types of living arrangements and relationships, including single-parents households, unmarried couples, lesbian and gay couples, plus with the multiple generations, therefore, in order to accurately reflect these

reflect these changes in family life, some sociologists believe that we need a more on all sides of its definition, which is, families as relationships in which people live together with commitment, form an economic unit and care for any young, and consider their identity to be significantly attached to the group. Retrieved from Kendall, D. (2012). Sociology in Our Times . Throughout the world, marriage is regarded as a moment of joy and celebration which defined as a legally recognized and socially approved arrangement between two or more individuals that carries certain rights and obligations. Retrieved from Kendall, D. (2012).

Sociology in Our Times . In relation with the main topic, the researchers believe that early marriage refers to the marriage of the children aged below 18 years. It is an act of getting married at a younger age when the individual is not fully mature to take responsible or not reaching the proper adult age. It’s just like leaving everything in your early, including your family, friends and your single life. Although, through the society point of view, early marriage will only lead to adverse consequences and disadvantages towards the youngsters and it may also threaten their future. But they do not aware of the importance of the early marriage and the benefits of it. The researchers believe that the society should be informed about the positive facts of the early marriage in order to change their point of view.

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