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The public setting in a coffee shop and roles these places have in societ. The views on the functionalist as well as the conflict theories and symbolic interactionists.

The cashier is the functionalist, the smelly people in the corner are the conflict theorists and you are the symbolic interactionist. The cashier serves a purpose; she is there to take your money and give you coffee and juices. The smelly people disagree over who really is smelly; they argue that I agree with society in calling them smelly because society and I have a false class-consciousness about the real means of pleasant-smelling production, but society and I argue that they are smelly because it is driving customers away from the store. You are an amateur sociologist; you will try to treat the cashier, the people, coffee and juices and every other thing you can label in the coffee shop as something you can interact with, be it paying the cashier, telling the smelly people to bathe in something besides their ego, or simply drinking the coffee and juice.

The overall purpose for coffee shops to overall patrons would be these are great places to study or do work due to the fact of quietness in most coffee shops as well as being able to drink caffeine to stay awake while doing projects. To mingle with one another and get acquainted as well. To possibly just go to a place for relaxation and enjoy a beverage while doing so that is non-alcoholic.

The person in charge of a coffee shop would be the cashier or management of the company while the owner isn’t present. The person that would be in charge of the facility would probably be the person the owner has chosen to manage his/ her business.

If coffee shops did no longer exist people would probably find other places to go to and work as well as interact with one another. People would possibly go hang out more in restaurants, possibly library’s depending what they are doing or if they just wanted to mingle with one another would possibly go to a winery or a bar establishment. If a public library no longer existed I’m sure the public would probably go hang out more in restaurants or each others homes.


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