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Question 1a)

I play Ice hockey at a semi-professional level for the Milton Keynes Lightning in the English Premier League which takes up alot of my spare time with training twice a week and playing 2 if not 3 games in a week as well. One of the highlights of my Ice hockey career is having the privilege of having represented my country at junior international level, at two world championships (U18’s, U20’s). I have my level 1 Ice hockey coaching badge and try to help out coaching the junior teams on a regular basis. Hopefully what I will learn on this course, I can transfer to help me become a better coach.

Question 1b)

I have many motivations for opting to study e112. I decided against going to university at the age of 18 due to my sporting commitments, as I felt I needed to take a break from education since then through work and unpaid coaching I have decided to pursue a career as a PE teacher and this was the ideal module for me to start my degree in as I have a background in personal training. From and educational perspective I want to increase my knowledge of the sport and fitness sector. As an already qualified personal trainer I feel that this will help improve my practice through studying about training methods, training principals and nutrition I will be able to better understand my client’s needs, so I can help them in moving faster towards achieving their goal. In turn this will help me to ensure that my clients are satisfied and return for more sessions. Question 2

Football is a game played by two opposing teams of 11 players trying to put an oval ball in to their opponent’s goal. The team that puts the ball into the opposing team’s goal the most times during the length of the game is then declared the winner.

I my opinion I believe football to fall in to the category of a sport. (The council of Europe, 1992) define Sport as any form of competitive and physical activity, whether it is casual participation or organised, with the aim of maintaining or improving physical ability.

As there are many physical dimension involved in football these include; running, jumping, throwing, kicking. To be classified as a sport there needs to be an element of competition, a football game cannot take place if there is no element of competition as you need two opposing teams to play against each other two have a game this makes football competitive. Furthermore there must be a structure to the game, a set of rules is necessary to regulate the game in football the FA(football association) are responsible for this they set the rules and regulations from the minimum and maximum size of a pitch to the offside rule. Finally there should be some acceptance by the media and sports organisations that an activity is sporting. Football is seen as the national sport in England and this is evident through the amount of coverage the sport has in the media for example when you enter the bbc sport website the first sport that comes up on the navigation bar is football and the majority of the headings and articles on the sport home page are football related.

Circuit training is a series of exercises preformed one after another for a set time, distance or number of repetitions. in order to improve fitness by raising your heart rate.

In my opinion I consider circuit training to be a physical activity. Physical activity is defined as and body movement that requires your muscles to expend more energy than the amount of energy they use when resting. (US Department of Health and Human Services, 1996, p.20)

Participants are motivated and have goals or objectives that they wish to achieve for example losing weight, feeling more confident about themselves or making new friends this separates circuit training into the physical activity category and not in to the category of recreation because participants want to achieve a specific out come from taking part, as recreation can be defined as the ‘use of time in a manner designed for therapeutic refreshment of one’s body or mind ’ (Edexel AS PE, 2008, P.4) this suggest that recreation is time spent relaxing. Circuit training doesn’t belong in the category of sport because there is no scoring system or element of competition involved. Question 3

Economic perspective.
Ice hockey from an economical perspective there are many restrictions that stop ice hockey in the UK from developing as a sport. There are many costs involved with playing ice hockey from the ice time fees for training and matches, to the amount of kit required to participate in the game. Whereas to play football you need minimal equipment and can almost be played anywhere as long as you have a ball, ice hockey must be played in an ice rink. in recent years more ice rinks have developed around the country, this has meant that more ice hockey teams have been able to join the competitive leagues in the country, allowing children and adults to take up the sport whether its at a junior competitive level or a recreational level. from and economical perspective the extra teams in the leagues create more games between clubs, this raises this cost of playing because of the money spent on traveling around the country to play these games. Which many people are unable to afford and prevents them from playing. But on the other hand with more ice rinks being built around the country the public are able to go and enjoy their leisure time by paying to go ice skating this keeps the cost of the ice down because the ice is being used more frequently so members of the ice hockey teams do not have to pay such high prices to use the facility’s.

there is also and added cost in the kit you are required to wear for the sessions, over the years the equipment rules have changed requiring players to wear more protective equipment to try and reduce the risk of injury’s being sustained. Manufactures of equipment have been required to make stronger more protective gear, this meant that the materials they use are more expensive and increased the cost of equipment.

As the game develops I would like to see more government funding to help get children involved in ice hockey by cutting their costs this will help improve the standard of ice hockey in this country.

Scientific Perspective

Over the last 40 years hockey players have become stronger and faster, and injuries are becoming more serious ice hockey equipment is becoming lighter stronger and more protective to allow for safer more skill full play an example of this is in the sticks used today compared with 25 years ago. The sticks used 25 years ago where made from wood, although the sticks were cheaper to make there are many draw back for example the wooden sticks would draw in moisture over time which would lead to a loss in performance and would make the stick more likely to break. Whereas compared with the ice hockey sticks used today which are made from carbon fiber are a lot more durable the are lighter and have a greater power to weight ratio meaning that strength and resistance can still be maintained by a light weight stick.

These advances in technology all lead to a faster more competitive game because with the equipment preforming better this means the player can do so as well

Equal opportunities Perspective

ice hockey is an inclusive sport it strives to make sure that it provides everyone with equal opportunities and doesn’t discriminate against anyone. An example of this is how men and women are able to play together in the same team. Although it is rare at senior levels because as the game gets more competitive it becomes more physically demanding and not many women are able to compete at that high level.

People who are physically disabled are also able to participate as there are now sledge hockey teams available the game was invented in the 1960s and is now one of the most exciting sports in the Paralympic games. the game is similar and so are the rules but like game is played on sledges with to short stick one for each hand the stick have small spikes on the end that players can dig into the ice to propel themselves along the ice.

Reference list

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US Department of health and human Services (1996) physical activity and health: a report of the Surgeon General, Atlanta, GA: US department of health and human services.

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