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A spreadsheet is an electronic file that contains a grid of columns and rows used to organize related data and perform calculations.

Excel is a spreadsheet program used to create and modify electronic spreadsheets.
An electronic spreadsheet makes data-entry changes easy, and if the formulas are correctly constructed, the results recalculate automatically and accurately.

A worksheet is a single spreadsheet that typically contains descriptive labels, numeric values, formulas, functions, and graphical representations of data.

A workbook is a collection of one or more related worksheets contained within a single file. Each worksheet is identified by a sheet tab. By default, new workbooks have three worksheets.

The whole file is a workbook


Planning Structure of Worksheets
1. State the purpose of the worksheet
2. Decide what input values are needed
An input area is a range of cells containing values

3. Decide what outputs are needed
An output area is a range of cells containing results

4. Assign the worksheet inputs and results
Use rows and columns

5. Enter the labels, values, and formulas
6. Format the numerical values
7. Format the descriptive titles and labels
8. Document the worksheet
9. Save the completed workbook

Exploring the Excel Window
• Worksheet rows lie horizontally
• Worksheet columns lie vertically
• A cell is the intersection of a row and column
• A cell address or cell reference names a cell




Getting to know excel

Go to the above link and watch the video

Row headings appear on the left side and are numbered 1,2,3, etc. Column headings appear above the columns and are labeled A,B,C, etc. Sheet tabs display the name of worksheets
The example here is D11

Entering and Editing Cell Data
• Excel supports text, values, dates, and formula results
• Cells are the basic building blocks of a worksheet. Cells can contain a variety of content such as text, formatting attributes, formulas, and functions. To work with cells, you’ll need to know how to select them; insert content; and delete cells and cell content.

Cell Basics

Visit the above link, read the 6 pages.
and do the exercise

Tutorial 2
Modifying Columns, Rows, and Cells

Visit the above link, read the 6 pages.
and do the exercise

Tutorial 3

Formatting Cells

Visit the above link, read the 6 pages.
and do the exercise

Tutorial 4


Visit the above link, read the 4 pages
and do the exercise

Creating Simple Formulas

Visit the above link, read the 6 pages.
and do the exercise

Grauer, R. et al (2013) Exploring Microsoft Office 2010, Volume 1, 2/E, Prentice Hall Goodwill community foundation:

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