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“Inventory System for Best Choice Rice Dealer” by Bisagas, Arivada, and Tanteo (October 2009). The process of counting the sacks of rice is done manually, which corresponds to difficulty in tallying the number of available stocks and sold items.

The Manual generation of inventory reports such as daily, weekly, quarterly and annual inventory list of records remains as one of their key problem since the establishment of the business. The transaction processing system for Best Choice Rice Dealer will minimize the difficulty the owner in processing inventory. It will monitor the availability of product items for reorder to prevent under stocking, overstocking or running out of stocks. The system will also generate necessary reports of inventory such as sales reports.

In the study from Averion, Gaela, and Libo (2009) entitled “Monitoring and Inventory for discovery”, it stated that:
“It will minimize the difficulty of the manager in processing inventory because physical counting products, stocks and computing inventory summary will be the system job. It will monitor the availability of products, items to prevent under stocking, over stocking and running out of stocks. The system will also simplify the transaction between dealer and supplier relationship because of the updated supplier information and price list of items will correspond to collaboration with other supplier.”

An article by Junaito Villegas (June 23, 2009) entitled “Inventory controls are key to dissuade employees from stealing” states that: “Computers can only do much, but coupled with inculcating honesty among staff and instituting the appropriate deterrents, they can work very well in minimizing losses and pilferages. It is therefore highly advisable to do both the manual and the computerized inventory system in a retail and wholesale business.”

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