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Inventory System of Small Business for Toy Store Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

1. Background of the Study

With the invention of technology, computers have played an increasingly important role in human life. The significant of computers have brought a new era where every home have their own PCs. Individuals and organizations both, have recognized the value of computer as a tool for managing data or information effectively and efficiently.

The rapid growth of information technology and multimedia in Philippines has revealed the use of Internet as a medium to distribute the information direct to the users. Besides that, the Internet has been used as a new tool in education and to help in learning process and to make the information distribution between ministries, universities, schools, teachers, parents and students easier.

The purpose of this project or software was to make an Interactive Guide map kiosk system function as one map information for Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU-Manila). Other purpose was to bring a kiosk system with more functionality and provide interactive guide map with the agent to attract the user. Our interactive kiosk system has all the information and by guiding the students, visitors or staff of LPU-Manila. The development of this interactive kiosk system is a first step or early exposure to the staff members, professors, students, visitors with the new approach of promoting LPU-Manila is to conduct technical studies based on “hands on” with emphasis on experiential learning skills.

1.3.1 General Objective
To design and develop software which indicates what software is useful for the school in means of showing the users the areas in the LPU-Manila Campus which they are not familiar with. 1.3.2 Specific Objective

To guide Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila students, employees and

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visitors to places in the campus which they are not familiar with and to uplift the technology of the school in means of this software through the use of computer and multimedia.


The system was specially created to help the freshmen/transferees and visitors to easily locate the rooms, offices, building, or college they are locating and of course to make those new students get familiar of the campus locations and to help the visitors to locate the office they are going to and lessen the time of just locating through the whole campus in case of having a certain appointment. There is a need of this software for our university because many visitors get confused of locating places inside the campus as well as the transferees/freshmen. And having this kind software means having also a upgrade and being competitive to other universities in terms of technology facilities and this will also make a mind for those who want to enroll to Lyceum of the Philippines University that the school is advance.


The beneficiaries of this software was basically the freshmen/transferees who are new to the locations around the university because they will have a knowledge on where are the rooms are located and as well as to the visitors who can use the stand-alone map to locate the specific place they are going to. And I can see that this software will be useful because there are always visitors who are visiting the campus basically the parents. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM:

Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila has a Big, wide, 5 storey building and the rooms itself has a similarity with one another and if you are not familiar within the school premises, you will surely have a confusion on where is the specific room, office, building or college is located and the individuals who are frequently getting this confusion where the rooms are located are mostly of course freshmen/transferees and visitors of the university. Many questions are being asked by some fellow Lyceans specially some visitors like parents on where are the certain offices, rooms, college, or building are located and though this places inside the campus was oriented to the new students of the university, there will always be a confusion if they start to navigate through the school campus and also for the visitors who aren’t able to be oriented and only asks questions from the guards on gate 1 they get confused because of the similarity of the rooms inside the campus.

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