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Investigation Into a Leader Essay Sample

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Investigation Into a Leader Essay Sample

As with many large firms delegation and communication is given great importance as an aid to employee motivation. The system works on an open basis so that every one at every level has their views and is encouraged to present their ideas. Staff are encouraged to have a questioning approach rather than critical. The importance of new ideas to the company is very high and they feel this is one of the best ways to be constantly progressing.

Although mangers and directors feel relatively powerful, they are restricted by the affects of the market, their competitors, their partners, and their investors. Relations between the employee and his boss are both opening and involved. This apparently mirrors the rest of the company. The employee is given a high degree of freedom to make the right decisions to get the objectives completed. He does the same to the rest of his team. This works as both a motivating technique relying on trust and giving those selected a new degree of importance. This has worked well and those delegated to often have an increased work and quality rate. This fits with leadership theory, which is vital to the companies overall progression.

Communication is good in the team but as with all companies specialisation makes it harder to broaden technical knowledge to everyone. This means that at times it may be hard to communicate on technical levels to a senior manger that has less knowledge on the subject. Annual “Colleague satisfaction surveys” are used to make sure that the company’s employees feel that the organisational structure and management approach are working. This is important to the management team. As it is a primary source of data and aid in keeping a well regulated working environment.

The company has definite company values. These are vital in setting the company’s structure and axis of leadership, delegation and communication. These act as a guide for all the decisions made by mangers. Everyone’s performance is measured against both objectives and values.

The company’s ideas and business philosophy, in conjunction with leadership theory seem to fit a modern global company. There seems to be few flaws maybe communication from country to country, or even lack of competence resulting in trust that is misused. Providing feedback to others and monitoring is vital as with all firms to the success if quality management is to be achieved.

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