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1. What do you believe brought about iPod’s phenomenal success in the market – is it the product or is it the promotion?

The phenomenal success of iPod is because of its product. The iPod touch has ushered in a gold rush for developers, but with well over 300,000 apps in the highly competitive App Store, it has becoming increasing difficult for new apps to stand out in the crowd. It’s no secret that a lot of people talk about how great Apple’s marketing is. Apple’s marketing is something incredible, and marketers really are in awe of their success.

2. What new features would you recommend the new iPod to possess and what innovative promotional techniques and gimmicks do you plan for these new features?

The new features I would recommend the new iPod to possess are new fashioned iPod classic and it rebooted with the newest generation. The iPod generation should not be still a touch screen. It should be upgraded and improved the screen. Except in making it large, it should become a sense screen where you can move it by just moving your finger without touching it. The latest iPod that I would like to recommend should have a choice of coloured backs (black, grey, pink, yellow, blue and neon color).

The innovative promotional techniques and gimmicks I plan for these new features is the creation of buzz with consumers and the media. With the new features launched you could say that Apple is doing something right.

3. How can Apple prevent market saturation of its iPod?

Apple is dominant in the market, and the lead appears to be growing as the market nears saturation. Adding that this will likely drive apple to turn its attention to secondary iPods like the new shuffle and iPods with more features and higher prices like the iPod touch. Apple can prevent market saturation of its iPod by using trading down strategies or adding a low-priced items to its line of prestigious products so that people who cannot afford the original product to buy the new product because it carries some of the status or prestige of the higher-priced product.

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