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Introduction of TOPIC

Rationale for selecting the report:

Throughout my internship period, I was assigned to the sales department specifically to observe, understand and learn the operational level marketing that is practiced by the sales officers of Cute Cosmetics Ltd. It is very essential for each and every individual to go through this process, to understand how a company’s overall strategies, plans and formulations are implemented from words or documents into action. Furthermore, it also deals with the real life marketing experiences, which a person needs to understand to move up the hierarchical ladder of marketing. Hence, an individual has to understand all the activities in the operational level and experience it face to face and by acting on the field.

For a successful middle level marketing executive or a top level marketing manager, he has to understand the reality of the marketing that is practiced in the actual field of marketing. So, that when the top level executives are preparing a plan or coming up with a new idea, innovation, product, different marketing strategies, marketing plans or short term/long term goals etc. the middle or top level managers has to know to relate these to the operational level, so that the plans or strategies can be implemented successfully by the operational level workforce and they do not become unrealistic and are achievable.

This report will bring in whatever I have learned during the internship period, the enhanced and practical knowledge that I gained regarding sales and marketing, it will bring greater heights to my marketing knowledge once I am done with the formal completion of this report.

Background (description of the organization/company):

Mousumi Industries Ltd. was founded in 1971 by its Chairman, Kazi Mahtab Uddin Ahmed and Founder Managing Director Late Kazi Ashraf Uddin Ahmed, Directors Kazi Moin Uddin Ahmed and Kazi Rajib Uddin Ahmed. From 1974, still then a proprietorship industry, the operation of the business was intensified and in 1984 Mousumi’s factory building was constructed at Cutepalli, Kanchpur, Sonargong, Narayangonj with sophisticated modern machinery and it has since then upgraded itself with the latest technology in manufacturing.

The cosmetics & toiletries of the company are basically manufactured under two brands, namely “Cute” & “Laboni”. Soon after Cute & Laboni cosmetics were marketed, the brand became very popular in the whole country; it was the

market leader. Mousumi Industries Ltd. was formed into a private limited company in 1982. Since then

Mousumi has come a long way and its famous cosmetic brand, Cute, has earned the highest consumer satisfaction. In 1990, the company ventured into exporting. The first export was to Oman. This was a great milestone for Mousumi Industries Ltd. as well as for Bangladesh. This meant that even Bangladesh was producing world-class quality cosmetics to attract foreign market. This has been possible because Mousumi has installed very modern machinery and ensured highest quality products with technical co-operation of the qualified chemists of the company and experts of the renowned foreign cosmetics products developers. Since then there is no looking back for Mousumi and it has since then achieved many milestones such as their first, and it continued to continue its endeavors in many other foreign countries. At the present situation Mousumi now exports to India, Oman, UAE and many other foreign Countries.

For raw materials for cosmetics, Mousumi depends on import, mainly from the USA and European Countries, it basically imports the raw material from these countries so it does not hamper the quality and the company always0 believes in providing superior quality and they do deliver. The design and quality of cosmetics containers are standardized to compete in the international market and they are made in awareness to the competitive products sizes and shapes manufactured and marketed in Bangladesh.


• Define the marketing process of Mousumi Industried Ltd.

• How the marketing department works in correlation to the other departments?

• How the distribution and marketing structure is organized?

• How the sales operatives produce the day to day sales?

• What are the different types of sales promotions that come into practice?

• What are the challenges and limitations of the sales team?

• How can we study the weaknesses and limitations and come out with innovative ways to improve the sales team?

The objectives contain mainly the overall process of Mousumi Industries Ltd. A detail layout on how the whole marketing team at Mousumi works will be discussed. In this process the whole organizational structure in terms of the marketing will be explained as in who reports to whom and how the communication flow of the marketing department works. Being a FMCG company which mostly relies on its marketing department, we intend to study the marketing department’s correlation to the other departments of Mousumi, additionally, how the overall marketing department is aided by the other departments to successfully run its operations and execute its plans and strategies.

There is a huge population in the country, we will understand and study the different ways the company reaches out to them and additionally how the overall marketing department’s structure is set. The sales operatives work and perform and keep motivated on a daily basis, what keeps them going and how they produce the day to day sales? These operatives are the ones that bring in the daily revenues that keep the company on track, the top level management and middle managers indulge themselves to have the work done by these operatives. There are various sales promotions, which will also be defined to understand how they attract the retail and wholesale stores around the country and how these top level management come with attractive sales promotion from time to time will also be studied.

Finally, the challenges that the overall marketing department and the sales teams experience and how they act towards countering these challenges. Their limitations of techniques and lacking will also be studied and suggestions presented in order to tackle those lacking’s and limitations in the marketing department which also includes the sales team as well.

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