Is Change a Good Thing? Essay Sample

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6.5 Billion People around the world, and everyone with a good change in them. That would make an ideal world. Changes can be either minor or significant. Changes can bring progress and take the world to a new altitude. Changes are a good transformation. Radically, changes began when the Earth started to renovate from the hot molten ball to a beautiful planet. This change has also brought many other diversifications. The

many other diversifications. The Vikings were the first humans to travel across the world due to these changes. Furthermore, these changes brought many more modulations. New civilizations began; people began travelling, trade and commerce flourished and so did people opinion and beliefs. Changes in thoughts and actions brought progress towards the way we see the world. People united and formed social, economic and religious groups. This significant change has made the world as it is now.

Changes have brought many benefits for the populace. That can be called the icing on the cake! Changes bring flexibility which enable people to mingle with everyone. Improvements are also a result of change. Transformations trigger opportunities. They bring new choices for happiness and contentment. Moreover, if there is no change, there are no butterflies as well. LIFE is monotonous without changes.

Changes can be of many types. It can be economic, social and political, technological, climate and evolutionary changes also include in the list. But, different changes have different results. Economic changes can bring a smile on faces. In this generation, changes merely means transformations in technology. People are able to access to advanced techs that have made life a lot easier. Evolutionary changes have enabled us to progress and work things out with more ease.

But, yet there are many more things that has to change. Gandhiji once said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It is our sole responsibility to bring changes. Our thoughts, actions must reflect our words. That’s what Gandhiji believed and even I do. Personally, I feel the change should come from our heart and the person must be determined and confident to bring the change. This minor change can be very significant in the years to come. Once you’ve said, it becomes very compelling.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, changes are very salubrious to mankind. It has given a new face to the world as we see it today. Good changes are everywhere. It’s just we who has to look for them and take the best advantage of these changes. Thus, I would say, east or west, changes are the best!

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