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Deception is sometimes justified. People shouldn’t be satisfied with themselves when they play this card every time they can, but it is true that sometimes it is required. It shouldn’t be used following a mean purpose as human ethic dictates; Actually it dictates that lies shouldn’t even exist in our thoughts. However people deceive, ignoring with that action this principle.

The best relationships are based in always telling the truth. That can get us strong commitment towards friends or causes, so strong that we would be willing to lie to protect them. Lying in order to cover a friend or an important cause is often considered as a good action depending on the scenario. Jose Marti, the most remarkable character in Cuban History, once said that there are some things that in order to realize them you have to keep them in the shadows. Moreover, probably he had to lie one or two times to carry on with the Cuban revolution after all, but no one would dare to say that he was a mean man just because of that.

The feeling of guiltiness when you lie must not be lost. If that happen You’ll get used to the shortcuts that a lie can provide, and therefore become ‘addict’ to it.

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