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Is Google Make Us Stupid? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In Nicholas Carr’s journal article titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” published July/August 2008 in The Atlantic magazine, Carr discusses the changes that have been coming up since people start to rely on the internet to get information. He makes an argument many people might not ever consider. Carr claims that the internet has actually affected how humans beings process information. His main thesis is that people has become impatient and unfocused.

My first response to Nicholas Carr article was “sounds interesting”. Just by hearing the title, I wanted to read it because I have had several debates with friends in this subject. In Nicholas Carr article uses facts and examples of prominent men, as Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato and Socrates to make his point. This article is made up with facts and examples on how the internet and Google change and still changing the way we access and process informations. Nicholas article is so organized in a way that his readers can not deny the reality of the facts. Important points are all discussed in this article and the author also uses pathos to express his feelings. In the last paragraph he is using words like haunted and afraid just to express the way he feel. Carr does not just back up his observation with real stories, he also pulls a scientific study from the University College London that is in line with his assessment. I enjoyed reading the article of Nicholas Carr “Is Google Make Us Stupid”, just the title made the article so interesting to me to keep reading to the end.

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