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Yes. Diversion in India undermines its unity. India is an only diversified country in the world. The divide and rule policy performed by Indian Government for getting votes majority is destroying the unity and nationality of the country. One of the most common things which most of the people of India perform in our day to day life is making a friend on the basis of their caste. We ask people their surname, or we ask people their full name. This brings the diversion in the country’s unity. The caste system divides the whole country in upper class society and lower class society. Political parties take advantage of this thing for votes and rules over people. Different political parties also divide India into various groups. A country must have only two political parties. More than two political parties create difficulty in running of smooth government. We can take the example of USA. Other things that divide India into different society are different religion and different regional languages. A country along with its regional language must have a common speaking language that each and every Indian should know, able to speak and write, which must be considered as the national language.

India does not have any national language in its constitution. Religion brings discrimination among people. A person from one religion, almost in all the cases hates the people of other religion especially in case of Hindu and Muslim. The other things which divide a nation are difference in way of living, eating, food and clothing. However all the people of a country may not have similarity in above areas but still one country must have a majority religion, a national language and each and every person should not be recognized on the basis of their surnames. Last but not least which make a large difference among people is reservation policy of the government. Government is bringing more and more reservation policy for votes like reservation in promotion which is recently passed in Indian parliament.

These kinds of policies destroy the creativity of reserved society and make a large difference among people of a nation. In addition to above points one more thing which divide the nation or which make a diversion among the people is slow court proceedings. A court take a long time to solve various disputes of the people, which in turn make the people lose their hopes toward the court and make the people not to believe in their country. People lose hope in their nation, the unity and belief of the people toward their nation is destroyed and this also brings diversion among people.

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