Is Terrorrism The Best Approach To Solving Problems Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Terrorism is perhaps one of the most exigent problems that Nigeria is facing today. Judging from killings here and there, bombings all over the place, it is becoming progressively more difficult to differentiate between tribal, political and religious altercations. Unfortunately terrorism has gone global and everyone is equally affected either as suspects or vulnerable. There is nowhere to hide. Every time you take a plane or a bus, or a train, you can’t help wondering in the back of your mind, whether this could possibly be your last journey. The world has lost its transparency, not that there was much virtue before, but whatever there was, none exists now. It’s been exposed and you have the specter of terrorism staring you in the face, challenging you and your way of life. The question to ask some people is what really is terrorism? Everyone has a totally different definition for terrorism because people have alternate views and opinions about the subject. For the purpose of this paper, however, I have chosen the definition used by the Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa which states that “Terrorism is a socio-political disorder that has grown to the detriment of the international security system and global economy” (Amzat 165).

Terrorism has been going on for a very long time; it all depends on how far back one is willing to go in the search for the origin of terrorism. However, terrorism started from the roman occupation of the Middle East with Anti-Roman fanatics walking up to a soldier and slitting his throat. But recently when we hear of the term terrorism we remember the case of the united state of America and the present state of insecurity we are experiencing in Nigeria. Terrorism has always been considered as a big issue bu

t after the 9-11 attack in America, it became one of the topmost priorities in the world to address.

Some countries presently experiencing terrorism issues are united state of America, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan and Nigeria. Terrorism has a lot of negative effect, generally it may have not gotten to our individual homes yet but the truth is that on the issue of terrorism nobody is really safe because one cannot really say where the terrorist are going to strike next. The most terrifying aspect of terrorism is the fact that we don’t know who they are since they happily conceal their identity. The regrettable truth is that terrorism has gone worldwide and everyone is at risk.

The world has lost its virtue, not that there was much incorruptibility earlier, but whatever there was, none exists now. It’s been stripped naked and you have the specter of terrorism staring you in the face, testing you and your way of life. Violence has detrimental effects on human beings of any ethnicity, geographic area, or societal class. Terrorism and violence also has effects on the world, for example the issue of violence and terrorism will have great consequence on the economy of the country in question. Terrorism also affects the travel and tourism of the given country, nobody wants to go to a place where they are not safe and no tourist wants to die on his/her tour and as we all know tourism is a big business for any country because of the funds it generates for the local economy and government.

Terrorism is a matter that can be resolved only by the right approach. It is the responsibility of those in authority and the citizens to resolve this issue in other words everyone has a role to play in the eradication of terrorism from the society, some efforts have been made to stop terrorism but most of these efforts have proven unsuccessful, some leaders use some approaches that are not the best, for example killing terrorist leaders or bribing the terrorist this will not stop terrorism because when they know they will get money or would be bribed as they can always come back. The first step to take in other to stop terrorism is to identify the problems the society is facing and discover ways to solve them. Another way is to give every culture and tribe equal opportunities in the society.

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