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There are positive aspects as well as negative on which the Internet is useful or not, but what I believe is that the Internet is a useful tool for high school students. A few reasons why is that the Internet is more convenient, it’s an easier source, and it’s a lot faster. The Internet can be used pretty much almost anywhere. Searching through books in a library will take a longer time than just using the Internet, if time is a concerned matter. The Internet is like having all the information needed from books combine into one. Having the Internet being more convenient can be a big issue. It sort of depends on the situation. The Internet is there for much reason, but it can be used for research as well. The Internet is more convenient because it can be used (almost everywhere. Also, the library might not be a good choice in many reasons, like: on rainy days, on holidays, no mode of transportation, etc. There are many things from stopping someone from going to the library, yet the Internet will always be there, at home or at school. The Internet is a lot easier because all (or most) of the information needed can be gathered on just a few sites on the Internet, instead of having to read stacks of books just to get half of what you got on the few sites.

There’s more search tactics on the Internet, and one thing that can be very useful is that the Internet is more specific. As said in the second paragraph, the library might be closed due to a holiday, it might be raining (temperature-wise), and having a mode of transportation are just a few important aspects that the library isn’t a good choice. Not having a mode of transportation and living far is an issue someone might have. The Internet can stay put (at home, school, etc.) as well as it can be portable (laptop + wireless Internet). The Internet has more sources and high school students have a higher priority if the Internet is used as a useful tool. The Internet can be more convenient for the students because it can be used in many places; at home, in school, at work, etc. It’s faster than just going to the library and having to search for books. The Internet has a lot more sources, because, for example, it’s like having the information of 5 books on one website, a lot more efficient and easier. Thus, with all this said, there are more positive aspects than negative in having high school students using the Internet as a useful tool.

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