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Should we blame yourself for what others do? Sometimes we humans don’t think before doing wrong things or don’t think how those actions can affect others. Having always that thought of whether or not it was our fault what happen to that person can change our mind and make you take things the wrong way. Things always happen for a reason and blaming yourself for it doesn’t matter if you

if you were there or not is never going to change what that person did, being good or bad with someone doesn’t mean that anything that happen to that person is your fault.

“Life after High School” is a story that shows a young girl name Sunny who is blaming herself for the death of her friend Zachary who is hiding a secret she don’t know about. Everything started when Zachary decided to give Sunny a ring, not an engagement ring just a ring she can wear whenever she want to just so people could see he gave her that ring, but Sunny didn’t accept it, the next thing Sunny find out is that Zachary committed suicide, Sunny blame herself for his dead. She got to college, she runs some guy that went to her same high school name Tobias. Sunny after the death of her friend she decided to change her name to Barbara.

Tobias and Barbara start to talk about the Zachary, and Tobias tell Barbara the real reason he committed suicide and it was that the Zachary liked boys and he didn’t want no one to know that’s why he gave her that ring. Barbara stop feeling quilt because now she knew the real reason he committed suicide. Zachary confess to Tobias that he prayed every morning of his life, and prayed for his sinful soul, for his sinful thoughts, deeds, desires. Zachary deal with his problem by giving Sunny the ring so others don’t notice he was different.

The two kind of personality in Sunny/Barbara, Sunny is the sweet girl who is really nice to everyone, She treat people right and kind. In the other hand Barbara is the serious girl and formal who is really strict. Sunny and Barbara are the same person but really different personalities, when Sunny find out that Zachary commit suicide thinking it is her fault she change her name to Barbara so she couldn’t have that sweet name no more.

Should you blame yourself for what others do? It is really hard to find out someone you know or you were close with did something bad to them self, or did something to blame others for it or make others feel bad for them. Is not right to blame yourself for what others do because we humans know what’s good and what’s bad and what our actions cause others. We are the owner of our own actions, never blame yourself for what others do.

We humans are different in many ways, we never know what others are thinking whether is to do it for yourself or to hurts others peoples feeling, never blame yourself for others people actions because they do it not thinking they hurting others people feelings. Things happen because god want them to happen that way. Life is too beautiful to blame yourself for everything that happen around you, being happy with yourself is all that matters.

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