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Is TV actually bad for your child to watch? Americans watch TV up to seven hours a day that can affect our “social lives, ways of learning and entertaining ourselves, family relations, and lifestyles.” Kids spend more time watching TV then going out and doing anything productive or active. Do our children learn from TV or is it better to read a book? What kinds of violence are we letting our kids watch? What if they get influenced by it? These are all questions we should be concerned about.

By the time your child has graduated they will have spent more time watching TV then inside a class room. If we let out kids watch TV so young it effects how they will perform in their future. The effects vary, it varies on how mature/age your kid is and how much they watch, and also what kind of performance it’s displaying. “Another study of 500,000 students in California found that, as a group, the children who watched the most TV did the poorest in school, even if they did their homework. No single factor affected the children’s schoolwork as much as the amount of TV they were watching.”

“Does watching violence on TV cause children to be more violent? The answer, based on studies of many children, is yes.” Violence can appear to be a normal thing to a child who just watched a violent cartoon/show. For an example like “Kung Fu Panda” my nephew that’s 2 watches that show and now his parents have banned him from that show, do to the actions it has taught him to do. My nephew was watching this one day and when the program was over we went outside and he started doing all these karate moves and then suddenly kicked the cat! Watching TV appears to affect children’s attitudes and behavior. It could also affect how they interact with other people.

TV is bad for your children they shouldn’t be watching violent shows or anything that can give them the wrong idea. Not even just because of the violence because of how it affects you mentally and can mess you up in what you accomplish in school, or even how you act. Your kid would be way better off reading a book, and not watching the movie the book is based on.

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