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When it comes to great controversial debates Stem Cell Research is one of the first that comes to my mind. It involves concerning issues that many Americans today argue that have positive or destructive outcomes. It’s a touchy subject but one that must be addressed if it is to be accepted by all those around us. Just like abortion Stem Cell Research causes sides to be divided, but before we can begin to argue both sides of this difficult debate we must first realize what it is. Stem Cell Research is the developing technology that involves the use of taking cells or “stem cells” from human embryos for use of developing cures in health issues today.

Many people debate that Stem Cell Research is equal to that of abortion because it involves an unborn human embryo. They believe this is unethical and should be stopped. What most people that make this argument do not understand is that most of these embryos have already been frozen in laboratories for future use of implantation in parents that are having difficulty in conceiving. Many of these embryos do not survive the process of being frozen so long and are going to waste. Meanwhile others are being donated to research facilities and are being put to use in developing cures for many diseases that are common today.

What people do not seem to understand is that these types of research are not strictly contained to only embryos. Stem Cells can be derived from different places such as the placenta that is discarded after babies are born and adult cells. The only issues that come with adult cells is that they are more specific on what they can be used on such as skin or intestines. Thus, being said, many scientists believe that this is why embryotic stem cells are so unique, because they can be used in a broader spectrum to cure more illnesses.

The study of these stem cells are slowly helping produce cures that we never thought before could have been possible. These cells are considered so unique because they have the potential to create tissue. In veterinary care they are using stem cell to repair tissues in animals such as nerves that are deteriorating. We can only imagine if this is happening in the world of animals what progress is being made for humans. In the research available scientist are trying to find cures for leukemia, Alzheimer’s, even arthritis.

Hearing all these wonderful things about Stem Cell Research is probably making you wonder if it has so much promise what makes it so controversial? The problem steps into religion you could say. In order to retrieve the stem cells from embryos the embryos itself must be destroyed, thus in religious eyes you are ending a human life before it has been allowed to begin. They are arguing that you are making these discoveries at the price of a human life. Most people do no understand also that a lot of the embryos used in this process are taken from people that have aborted in the first trimester the embryos being between three and nine weeks. Arguments being placed can someone blame a scientist for taking something that has been discarded and putting it to good use?

Stem Cells are being taken and used to create new organs and tissues and helping provide people including children with new hope. Some research done on animals has shown that in animals that were “paralytic” started to show movement once injected with cells. This is potential for all paralytic people out there. Hope that someday not to far they may be able to walk again.

Another problem finally to all this research is funding. With all these controversies and debates stem cell research is having a hard time coming up with funds to help it extend. Many funders have to prepare themselves from the repercussions of those that do not agree. In this situation and politician would be a good example, if they chose to help fund such a program they could be facing extreme loss of votes to those that have religious views. So how do you fund such a program? You have those that make a choice and choose that a program like this is beneficial, and deserves an opportunity to grow.

Overall I believe that Stem Cell Research is beneficial. You could say I am playing devil’s advocate because I do not agree with abortion, but after researching deeper into it I have come to realize that the good outweighs the bad. When people are already aborting and these embryos are just being discarded why not use them for some good? The loss of a life could help save another. In my eyes that is extremely beneficial especially in a world today where diseases are growing and we need to have cures.

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