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I am not a rich person by any standard of our society. My parents are blue collar people that come from a lineage of blue collar people, working hard and living paycheck to paycheck. Never complaining, but doing their best to raise their family and enjoy the things in life that money cannot buy. My parents are also two of the most giving and generous people I have ever met. From an early age I learned that if you have something someone needs you give it, no questions asked, no grumbling, no whining. They taught me that if you are blessed with an abundance you share it with those who are lacking, that to be a friend meant giving of your whole self in any way possible, whether it be something simple like sharing a meal with someone or taking someone in that has no home.

When I walk around the streets of Singapore, I often see buskers and beggars with a box in front of them collecting money. I also often see fellow Singaporeans giving them some money to survive. It is definitely a comforting sight to witness. When I give, I will feel like I’ve done something good and do my part in giving back to the society. By giving, you’ll also feel a sense of fulfilment. A few dollars might not mean a lot to you, but it might just mean the world to the beggars and seeing them smile and thank you has to be the best part of giving. Studying in a public school also means that my classmates come from all walks of life. Even though I’m not a wealthy person but I try to do my part to help my schoolmates who come from the lower income group. Since I do not have any younger siblings, at the end of each year I will donate my books so they can be used again by my fellow schoolmates who cannot afford to get new books.

Giving does not necessarily have to be in monetary form but also other forms. However, receiving makes me feel blessed and I’ll want to influence others and spread the joy of giving. But at the same time, when I receive from other people, I sometimes feel obliged to give back in order to thank them. And the cycle goes on. There is a blessing of happiness and joy when you give, when you meet the need of someone too ashamed to ask for help, when you demonstrate your love for a human being, a life, by doing for them what they were too weak or to worn out to do for themselves. Not only to friends or to those you love, but to anyone, whether family or friend.

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