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Data collection

All of my data will be obtained from either the internet or text book sources so that it will be relatively reliable. I intend to collect it by searching for key terms either in a web browser such as Google, or in the index of hard copies of books, such as textbooks, encyclopaedias and newspapers. Images will be collected from a variety of sources and websites, that will be collated together through Google Images.

Accuracy of Data Input

Data being inputted accurately is hugely important to the success of this website and I have done as much as possible to ensure that all of my information will be accurate. Firstly I have used validation to check through all of the text that makes up my site. This includes all of the information in the slides as well as all of the hyperlinks as well as the data capture form. Validation is checking done by the computer. It prevents typing errors and mistakes in data entry. This is in the form of a spellchecker that automatically identifies incorrect spelling and grammar to the user, allowing them to correct it. It also offers some suggestions as to what you may have been trying to spell and if there is only one possible word then it will correct it for you. I will also use radio boxes instead of check boxes in order to improve the accuracy of the data inputted.

Verification is checking done by a human being. It usually involves proof-reading and checking the text on the webpage slides in order to ensure that they make sense and contains the correct information. It will ensure that the important information being given to customers is accurate and correct, for example checking that all of the information on the screen has the same headings as the information on the original paper copy. I will also check that the hyperlinks all work and link to the correct pages.

Data Processing

In order for the information that I have researched and collected from the sources named above to be inputted into my website I will need to edit them down so that the are compact and understandable for everyone, as opposed to the original format that may be longwinded and include technical language. I will also edit the font type and size, in order to make it fit in with my house style and the rest of the presentation. The font colour can also be edited. I will also edit larger image files, through using graphics packages to reduce the file size, or through cropping, to speed up the loading process. I may also have to use a scanner to convert images from a paper based format, to a computer recognisable format such as jpeg.

Output Data

My output data will be totally computer based and should consist of 5 interactive WebPages with a consistent house style and easily understandable information. There should be a homepage with links to the other pages as well as external sources of information, credits, several pictures and my logo. The other slides should consist of text based information, a few pictures, links to the other pages and external sources of information as well as my logo. The only exception to this is the page containing the data capture form, which will include my logo, links to the other pages and the companies email address and website, as well as tick box questions for the customers to fill in. The user may want to print off this form, in order to post it and so the companies address is included.


This is the homepage that I created for my website, using Microsoft Power Point. It fits into my original design specification, in terms of font, text size, text colour and background. The banner has also been accurately been reproduced. It is also very similar to the page layout that I produced. The pictures are clear and are correctly aligned, as well as being related to the purpose of the website. The text provides a clear overview of my company’s ethos, and makes the aims of the presentation extremely clear. The hyperlinks are clear and easy to use and the font is, as intended in my design specification, clear and easy to read.

This is the first of my additional 3 informative pages. Like the home page it fits the original design specification in terms of house style and layout. The information on the page is taken from a number of sources, and has been edited and crops to make it easier to understand for the average user, as well as much quicker to get the message across, due to the user not getting bogged down in lots of irrelevant detail. The information has also been cross-referenced with other sources to make sure that it is accurate, valid and up to date. Again, this all fits into my original plans for the websites design.

This is the third page of my website, and this, as did the previous two, fits into my overall house style for the website, with the colours and themes being relatively formal throughout. The pictures are again clear and relevant to the topic talked about on the page. The information is again from several sources, and is cross-checked with other sources to ensure that it is valid. The page has a set of hyperlinks that serve to link it to the rest of the website, as well as to other sources of relevant information. It has been formatted in order to make it fit in with the house style, being blue and underlined until clicked on, and becoming shaded out after being clicked. The link is also functionally sound as it takes the user to the correct page of the website instantly.

For the final informative page of my website I again kept to the house style of blue type on a white background. It also keeps to the page design that I created, with the overall layout being very similar to the original design, with the notable difference of the hyperlinks being positioned on the opposite side. The information has been sourced from a range of pre-existing websites, and edited to get the message across quickly and efficiently. The images on this slide have been sourced using a search engine, and have been compressed so that they will load more quickly when the page is viewed on a web browser, yet are a great enough resolution that they remain clear.

This is the interactive form page of my website. It allows the user to request a number of additional information aids to use without the internet. If the website was live then it would be attached to a separate database, which would store orders and allow an employee to send them out. Again this has adhered to the house style of the company, with the green text on a white background, company logo, name and page title at the top of the page. The interactive sections come through the text entry boxes and the submit and apply for more information hyperlinks and buttons, making it easier for the user to make informed decisions.

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