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It’s Not Illegal If The Government Does It Essay Sample

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It’s Not Illegal If The Government Does It Essay Sample

From what I’ve learned about apartheid and from what I’ve read in the novel I have learned how this system has been able to survive as long as it did. I saw how only less than 30% of the population was able to oppress over 70% of the other population. I also understand how the poor were set into a perpetual state of poverty and anger. Plus how it all tied in together to form a mass state of panic, fear, anger, hunger and distrust. “So as a prelude whites must be made to realize that they are only human, not superior.

They must be made to realize that they are also human, not inferior. ” Stephen Biko Stephen Biko said this to say that no one is superior or inferior because of skin color or race. Sadly this was not the case; in this society the white man had made all the rules and regulations like pass books. These forced black people into oppression and poverty. This process forced many blacks to do things that they would never have done before to survive. One example was that they opened up shebeens which the government had considered illegal.

No black man was allowed to own any land either. As if these problems weren’t enough, the white man dominated government segregated everything from toilets to entire cities. But don’t be fooled black people were allowed into the white cities but only if they would behave and work for white people for minimum wage. All of this combined with hate and a few other things, made people to believe that the white people were superior to every other race and the black people inferior to every other race. The rich get richer and the poor black man got poorer in this society.

Many blacks were unable to get proper jobs and this happened through the government making them carry pass books which they could not obtain without having jobs, but they could not get proper jobs without presenting a pass book. ‘”But I’m not working,” I said. “Then what do you need a pass for? ” “I need one to look for work. ” “You first find a job and then you apply for a pass. ” “But I can’t hunt for a job without a pass! “‘ Kaffir boy page 330 If black people did manage to get jobs, they got extremely low paying jobs which left them with no money to buy stuff that they would like to own.

It barely gave them enough money to pay for their rent and buy the rice for their families. Some were lucky enough to make it into the elite black middle class though they were still unable to own land. Rich black people did not exist in this society. Black people or Kaffirs (as referred to by the whites and other blacks that see black people as subservient peoples) were not allowed to teach their heritage and their ancestor’s background and were not allowed to talk bad about their government.

The white leaders of South Africa gave black schools the history that the whites had installed and only their side of South African history, and those who spoke out against it were either killed, tortured or imprisoned. Even the white school children were taught a false history of South Africa and lies about the aborigines that live there. “My teacher tells us that Kaffirs can’t read, speak or write English like white people because they have smaller brains, which are already filled with tribal things. ” Kaffir Boy page 192

Another quote that showed us the lies that was spread about South African blacks is… “My teachers say that you’re not people like us, because you belong to a jungle civilization. ” Kaffir Boy page 192 These lies taught to both races of school children led the peoples to believe that black people were heathens that could not learn. “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. ” Stephen Biko In conclusion the way 30 percent of the population was able to control more than 70 percent of the other population was a combination of the 3 previous paragraphs.

Whites had control over the black people’s government, made their own rules for their own game, and oppressed the black populous. Pass books, segregation, completely bias brutality, and false or incomplete history also helped to destroy the will power, financial power, ability to live and belief of an entire race that was dominated almost completely and perpetually by another race of people. “Being black is not a matter of pigmentation – being black is a reflection of a mental attitude. “

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