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Its Not What You Look at That Matters but What You See Essay Sample

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Its Not What You Look at That Matters but What You See Essay Sample

Meaning 1:

You can look at something and not understand it. But when you actually see something, you could realize things you never expected to. i think it means that its not how someone looks on the outside, its who the person really is on the inside that most matters. What does that mean?

What do you see, or do you usually just look? It’s only human to not see everything. There is just too much to see and process, so our minds delete that which it believes to be unnecessary. As an example, if you looked for everything in a room that was red, and then were asked to close your eyes and describe everything that was blue, what would happen? That makes our selection of what we see even more important. Even when you carefully examine the same thing as another person, you might see something completely different. If the two of you were asked to describe what you saw, things could get interesting, right? Can you make allowances for others to see the same thing, but describe it differently?

Why is observation important?

It’s easy to see that, even when we see the same thing, we don’t all see things the same. It can be so much worse if you aren’t paying close attention to what you are looking at. How often have do you get into arguments about something you looked at, but didn’t see as well as you probably should have. Sometimes the tiniest details hold a clue, or even the solution, to whatever you are working on. This isn’t just a skill for Sherlock Holmes or a detective in a crime show. Subtle changes in someone’s behavior might be your only clue that something is going on. With a teen in the house, you know I am working on sharpening my observational skills every day!

Where can I apply this in my life?

How often do you look at things, but not really see them? I imagine that if you were a passenger in a car being driven down a route you usually take as the driver, you would see many things you hadn’t noticed as the driver. I know that to be the case with me. When my wife drives, I get to look around and see all the details that I normally give little more than a quick look at as I drive by. Sometimes it can be amazing how the flowers change, as the different species bloom and fade. Each of the ‘pretty’ corners has a different feel as the year moves along. I know this, but I rarely see it while I’m driving, as my effort in seeing is devoted to keeping an eye on the road. What do you look at on a regular basis, but don’t always see? Perhaps a family member (or all of them), co-workers, or friends? Not just how they look, but what their needs are, what their wants and desires are, what they might be trying to tell you that you aren’t noticing.

While observation implies the use of your eyes, you must be careful not to miss other clues. How can you improve your observation skills? I would start with easy things to do. Spend an afternoon looking for everything red around you, where ever you are. The next day, do the same with another color. If you were going to spend a long day driving, try to find all the blue two door cars, or people driving the same car as yours. I would also make a list of the things I think would be important to notice in your average day. Perhaps separate lists for work, home, and friends might be more appropriate. Did anyone get new clothes? Did someone change their hair? Is someone more grumpy or sad than usual? Is the boss’ car missing from it’s usual place in the parking lot? These might or might not be important to you, but you can use them as a starting point for your own list. Now that you have a list, start keeping track of how often you notice things.

You can even turn it into a game, where you take a few moments to look for clues a few times a day, and record what you find. Be aware that there may be things you are missing, and revise the list as you get feedback from people about not noticing something they thought was important Just as the eye can be fooled into seeing what it expects or wants to see, our mind attempts to interpret stimuli in a way that makes sense to our world. Sometimes, this means misinterpreting events and situations to make them fit with our expectations. If we see the world through a negative lens, this mean interpreting life events to support our already negative mindset. But, when we develop a positive frame of mind and approach life from the positive, everything changes. Suddenly, the world is a very different place that lives up to our positive expectations.

Develop the art of viewing the world through a positive lens, today. When things go wrong, and they sometimes will, resist the urge to assume the worst and quiet the inner voice that tells you all is lost. Look for the positive and keep stumbling blocks in perspective.

Does the way people look really matter?!

The way you look says a lot about the person you are inside and says more about your luck with others. Whether you support this idea or refute it, it has always been a topic of controversy. If you go out in the street, for example, and ask that question to as many people as you can, you’ll get tons of answers, depending on the point of view of the person you are addressing. But what people don’t get is that whatever their point of view is, they, most of the time, support this idea. You look good, you get better treatment. This is the norm people follow everywhere, regardless of your age, gender, or position in life. In a diner, for example, where two people are sitting, one looking good while the other isn’t, you’ll see that the good-looking person or the “all decked out” person would be served first, even if the other has only ordered bottle of water. How ironical life can be! Not only in a diner would you observe such a thing, but you yourself do it almost all the time without knowing it.

When you are walking down the street, for instance, and you come across a person who’s dressed up in rags, you’ll immediately avoid him just because you think he’s either a needy or a thief. What about married men? Why do they sometimes betray their wives or keep lovers? They, most of them, have got married to a woman whom they thought to be beautiful when young but when she’s no longer has the looks, they cannot help getting attracted to pretty young ones. All these examples and many others prove that people are mostly treated based on the way they look not the way they are. Let us also look at teenagers’ views. Teenagers go with the fashion and work out in the gyms, just to be able to mingle with other teenagers, and be treated with respect. Any teenager who wouldn’t follow the rules of fitness would be considered as a “geek” by other teenagers around him. Even the adults in charge encourage that kind of thinking.

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