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It goes without saying that the world of management is changing every day.Sometimes it can be very difficult to adapt to the modern rules of these innovative changes.People try to find new methods to respond to the demands of today’s environment and customers.But not all companies cope with such requests and face some difficulties.

For example,Ivanovskaya Manufactura, the Russian wool processing plant.This company has certain problems concerning to the development of trends in management.From my point of view, there are some social, political and economic forces that are influencing Ivanovskaya Manufactura’s decision to move with the time and become a learning organization.As an example of this, new traditions, political laws and some economiс rules, which force to improve skills, technology and knowledge, influence the company a lot.

Personally I, if I were a specialist at Ivanovskaya Manufactura, would respond to the proposed changes with great enthusiasm because it is very good opportunity to increase the level of production.But some people are not sure about it.In my opinion,it will be rather effective to talk with all employees and explain them the whole conception of learning organisation.As we know, it is n organization in which everyone is engaged in identifying and solving problems, enabling the organization to continuously experiment, improve and increase its capability.So these changes can rise the company to a higher level.

What is more, to develop a learning organization, managers should make changes in all the subsystems of the organization. Three important adjustments to promote continuous learning are shifting to a team-based structure, empowering employees and sharing information.So if the process of changing will be done step-by-step in all subsystems it will be easier for employees to adapt to new methods of modern management.

In conclusion I would like to say that it is not effective to work only for your profit and don’t share any information or experience with others.We shouldn’t forget that information is power which can change not only the company Ivanovskaya Manufactura but the whole world to the best.That’s why it is so important to share it.

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