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A dream Movie ” Inception” Essay Sample

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A dream Movie ” Inception” Essay Sample

He directed “Inception,” a movie hat talks about entering in ones dream and launching an idea in his or her mind. The whole idea of the movie can even be found in a standard dictionary definition of the title word Inception, meaning “the act of installing an idea into someone’s mind by entering his or her dreams. “(Dictionary) But the question is why Nolan chooses to write this movie? I think that the main reason is because this is the way that he best can talk about his reality and without making it visible that is doing that, without highlighting it.

When one sees “Inception” in the beginning makes no sense to him/her. And often could be asked the question, Why someone would write a movie like this, which is far from reality? ” But if you stop for a moment and think about your reality you may find out connection, and might start think if this is your real reality, or your reality is your dream. This is main point that I want to argue in this essay, the relationship of the author’s reality and the movie that he wrote by looking at two perspectives that of the characters and the other of objects used in the movie.

The link between the people in Nylon’s reality, and “Inception” The people around Nylon’s reality are metaphorically represented by characters of the movie. As many film critics have argued this film is about filming, Nolan has also stated that people that are engaged on embanking are represented on movie that he directed. According to Nolan, ‘Well, I think that there’s a fairly strong relationship in a lot of ways between what the team is trying to provide for their subject, Fischer, and what we’re trying to do as filmmakers. For me, a key thing is what Cob says about how positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time.

I think that’s very true. I also think it’s noteworthy how the team must use symbols to construct an emotional narrative for Fischer. This is extremely similar to the way a filmmaker uses symbols to give an idea to an audience. The use of the pinwheel, for example, in Fischer emotional story. It’s a very cinematic device. A lot of people have related that to Citizen Kane. And that is exactly the point?it’s Rosebud, a visual symbol that sticks in your head from earlier in the story and then can take on new meaning later on. Inception definitely seems to be a film about itself, the more I talk about it. ( Caps, 19) Doom Cob is the director of manipulation of dream project, which in reality reflect to the director of film production. Arthur is errors that takes care for researching and setting up the sleeping place, in real life those responsibilities are of the producer. The screenwriter, in movie is represented as an architect who builds up the world where they will go into, the world within a dream. This architect is called Ridden. In meantime she is the only one that knows the secret of Cob, and therefore in their final mission, the one that they asked by Gaits to do, she stays all the time with him.

He has problem with his subconscious, where every time he dreams his dead wife shows up, and she is obsessed with the idea that the real world is in their subconscious, is the oral that they created, and lived there for 50 years where they were in limbo. This is because once Cob entered his wife memories and incepted the idea that the world is not real, and the only survival is death. This may represent Nylon’s relationship with his wife, or with another friend that is there when he faces problems. Names is the forger, which in real life would be similar to the actor.

Hussy is the chemist in the movie, but in film production this role is same as the technical person. As an example of the need of technical person is the Award that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gives, the Oscar. People that are smart with technical things are very needed on getting the movie out of grand. Gaits is the client in the movie that sponsors him but in return he asks for specific result. This character, characterize the role of the studio head, which gives Nylon’s a ton of money and control of creativity, but expects from him to do a good job.

Except the characters connection with the personalities in the film production, meanwhile Nylon’s reality, we find out a lot of those double-meaning lines. For example, where Cob asks: “How do you translate a business strategy into an emotion? Or another example is the plan in last minute that Rained came with and saves the day. Think those are most important things for Nolan, in film production process. This metaphor continues with Fischer which is the mark or the person to whom they should incept the idea, in reality the audience or an individual that watch the movie plays this role.

The layers of dream that Cob entered represent previous jobs of Nylon’s, his real past. Those jobs could be identified by the other movies of Nolan, such as The Dark Knight and Memento. Cob enters in dreams within a dream that are areas of complexity of a dream, which may represent the job of Nolan time after time, with the other movie. One might understand this like in each movie that he has done, chronologically, it was more complicated than the other before, and the audience was not aware of this manipulation, like Fischer in the movie.

The other similarity is that same as in the movies, the moment that the dreamer understands that is in the dream, failure of dream manipulations happens absolutely. Apparently Nolan in his mind includes menacing gaze that comes from audience and may tear the creative team away from each other with those naked hands. Probably this is why this film achieved success on an emotional level. One can enlarge the autobiographical metaphor by seeing Cob s children that look like angels, which is the picture that Nolan might had had in his inner part of brain for the perfect end.

This would be like if he achieves success in his job, that reuniting with those wonderful form will happen, but he fails doing his job than forever will be away from them. At the end we have most interesting character in movie, this is Mall, Cob’s wife, that has created those perfect who he creates these wonderful babies throughout an intimacy shared act, and then topographically makes her one of Greek s mythology artistic muses, which are supposed to be the worst enemy and best friend of an artist that tries to do his/ her job. This is shown by Nolan, nicely, who keeps Mall showing up as a criminal or the bad guy in many of Cob’s dream.

Another thing that might be interesting is that the day in the end save by Cob eventually having to emotionally deny the existence of Mall, accepted that many things dreamt about her are only figments of his exaggeratedly hopeful imagination, and what was more important for him is to pay attention his creative team and every single one of their realistic once. This tells a lot of about the feeling of Nolan of bringing his art film head-scratched to life into studio executives and multi-million-dollar budgets of Hollywood world.

The object and place connection in the movie with Nolan s reality First thing that I think was important to mention is the fact the starting point of the movie is in Nylon’s home country, Europe, and ended up in his real life new home in US. According to me this could not be a coincidence. This is another factor that makes me believe that the author within this movie has expressed himself, his thoughts and his reality. Another thing that might be very evoke interest is the that he put that object , top totem, which in the movie he got from his wife but in reality he said that he gave to his wife.

In an interview asked where did he got the idea of Cob spinning the top totem he answered, “l actually had a spinning top?I’d given it to my wife as a present at some point many years ago, and I just sort of stumbled across it one day. ” (Caps, 35) This object could be a symbol that reminds his wife, same for Cob and Nolan. In conclusion, the connection of an author with a movie that he writes may be large. Movie may be the way that a person wants to express him, metaphorically, o the others cannot understand immediately what he wants to said.

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