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Allegory of the Movie Avatar Essay Sample

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Allegory of the Movie Avatar Essay Sample

Avatar is very similar to how the pilgrims treated the native Americans? The movie Avatar is an allegory to how pilgrims treated the native Americans because of what took place and where it happened. When the movie opened up into its exposition, it mentioned the planet Pandora, which was inhabited by these natives called the Naive who use bows and arrows which seemed just like how the native Americans were when the pilgrims came to the new world. When the Naive spoke , moved, and how they treated nature, they seemed to treat nature with great respect.

The native Americans treated nature with utmost respect, because it was their religion and they greatly worshipped the spirits of the world. The Native Americans would save their heritage and tell stories from long ago from wars and nature stories. The Tree of Souls seemed a lot like salvaged stories and knowledge because it contained memories of the past. When the pilgrims came to the new world, some of them came looking for gold. In Avatar, the people came to Pandora looking for unobtainable which was really, really expensive.

Parker Selfridges was a lot like the king of England because he just wanted the unobtainable, and he didn’t care who got hurt just as long as he could get hands on that expensive rock. When the killing of the Naive people were being mercilessly killed, it seemed to symbolize the trail of tears when we were constantly relocating them from place to place. Whenever the color blue was seen in that movie it seemed to symbolize peace, serenity, and sorrow because the Naive were a peaceful people until they got attacked. The seeds of the Sacred tree always appeared when something good as going to happen.

The seeds seemed to symbolize a good omen or potential. The movie Avatar is an allegory for when the English came to colonize the New World. Pandora symbolized the New World, The Naive symbolized the Native Americans, and unobtainable symbolized the gold the pilgrims were looking for. If you haven’t seen the movie Avatar, I highly recommend watching it because it is a great movie which does symbolize the colonization of the New World.

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