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1. What do you think is causing some of the problems in the bank’s home office and branches? As we can read in the first three paragraphs, the problems are: A) Some employees (like Ruth Johnson) don’t know what their job consist on. That’s due to a lack of orientation and training of employees, as we can also notice from the supervisor statements. B) The Company is experience high turnover. This problem may occur because new employees are not motivated enough to their jobs or because compensation is not appropriate. C) Finally, each branch supervisor hires their own employees. This is due to a lack of communication between the different branches of the company, because there is no HR service to try to unify the policy that it has to be followed when hiring new employees.

2. Do you think setting up an HR unit in the main office would help? Yes, I believe that establishing a Human Resources unit would help to solve all the problems described in the statement since all of them are related to one function of the management process: staffing.

3. What specific functions should an HR unit carry out? What HR functions would then be carried out by supervisors and other line managers? What role should the internet play in the new HR organization? A) The new Human Resource unit should be responsible for the entire process of new employees’ recruitment as well as for give them the proper training and stablish an adequate compensation and motivation system. It also has to coordinate human resources policy of the entire company, to avoid different treatment in the different branches. B) Line managers’ Human Resources functions should include tasks like selecting the right person for the right job, then, training them and improving the job performance of each person under his/her command.

They have to control their employees, and maintain a good level of morale in his/her department. But all these tasks have to be done with the advice of a separate human resource staff, which are the staff authority. The relationship between supervisors and other line managers and staff authority should be cooperative. C) Nowadays, technology and specially the Internet play a very important role in any company.

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