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How far do the sources suggest that, in the Jackson Marriage Case of 1891, it was Mr Jackson who had “right upon his side”? The sources agree with the statement to a noticeable extent that the husband did have the right to take away his wife if she refused him. Source 11 strongly supports this because it gives an atmospheric description of the scene how there were “Groans, hisses and yells were given for Mrs Jackson” which highlights she is being criticised for going against her husband, while the rest of the crowd were singing “’he’s a jolly good fellow’, for her husband”. This source was written by the Cliteroe times when the verdict of the original court was in favour in Mr Jackson therefore; the purpose of the source was to show that Mrs Jackson was in the wrong for going against her husband’s will and returning to her sister’s home, it shows that everyone believed that he had the right to have control over his wife. It is an eyewitness account which happened at the time of the event which is useful in identifying that Mr Jackson had right upon his side.

Source 12 has a similar view of the situation as is states that “the law court agreed and decided in favour of Mr Jackson” and that people saw this as a “romantic abduction” and people detested Mrs Jackson’s and her friends opposition to the case and exaggerating the event as a kidnapping. Both sources highlight that they were written in influence by the law court and the societies response to the case that Mr Jackson did have right upon his side and were in support of him. However, source 11 can be unreliable because without a doubt the article had overturned the verdict of the original court which had ruled in favour of Mr Jackson, which shows that the article changed their decision and believed that Mrs Jackson had the right to leave and that she was being treated cruelly by the public’s reaction as well as major unrest and violence in the area caused by this case.

Source 12 distinctly acknowledges that Mr Jackson had right upon his side because they described the event as “the romantic Clitheroe abduction case” and he defended himself by saying “he had law and right upon his side”. This clearly informs that there was admiration from society’s response to the case and emphasize that Mr Jackson had right upon his side because the law was on his side which gave him the right to abduct his wife. The purpose of the source was to inform the public of the event and had a balanced review which made it reliable, newspapers are influenced by the people’s view therefore is shows a positive response and agree that Mr Jackson had his rights. There are strong connections with source 10 as Mrs Jackson response was that she has no “ill-effects from my forcible abduction” and that he had been “most kind and considerate” to her.

This gives prominence to the idea of the romantic abduction, and since he has treated her kindly it would make it seem wrong calling it kidnapping. Therefore, the society and Mrs Jackson statement demonstrates no one’s objections because they understand he does have right upon his side. Despite this, the “Court of Appeal decided that Mrs Jackson should be set at liberty” which shows his rights were not supported in the end and Mrs Jackson was allowed to leave him. It goes against his defence of having law on his side and Mrs Jackson has the right to go to her sister after “her friends appealed against the decision”. It shows that Mrs Jackson did have rights over her husband and that he had none over her freedom. The source is very biased for calling it a “romantic abduction” when he was clearly holding her captive and going against her will otherwise her friends would not have fought against the decision in court.

Source 10 contradicts the statement because Mrs Jackson described it as a “forcible abduction”. The interview was conducted in Mr Jackson’s home therefore; she was in no position to describe her resentment in the fear she might be threatened by her husband. She was under house arrest “where he was holding her “captive” as a result; Mr Jackson must have forced her to not to express her opposition and to not tell the journalist what was really happening. The interview is obviously co-arced because she expresses that she is “amazed at the importance made of the matter by the newspaper”.

She is not able to complain to anyone because he must have cut off all of her communication to the outside world due to her situation; it may hint she is desperate for help and telling the journalist her isolation so that someone may attempt to help her. It shows that Mr Jackson does not have right upon his side because it was abduction against her will which goes against the law for women’s rights to her husband. She has the right to leave and she is appealing for help so that someone can assist her because she is aware she can get help from the law. Therefore, apparent that sources 11 and 12 agree that Jackson had right upon his side and there is clear evidence to uphold the statement. Nevertheless, source 10 contrast to the statement even though she denied the abduction and its publicity her speech shows she is desperate for help and wishes to return to her sister.

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