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Jacksonian democrats definition Essay Sample

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Jacksonian democrats definition Essay Sample

Jacksonian democrats may have viewed themselves as the defenders of individual liberty, but their actions against the native Americans, women, and immigrants suggests otherwise. Under the reign of the jacksonians the living conditions of the citizens went down and the political climate changed dramatically. It became an era of one conflict after another, people were unhappy left to right, corruption was rampant and power when unchecked . Jackson, like many of his politicians were well known to have a strong dislike for the native residents, he ignored many of their rights.

As more and more americans were moving into their lands the natives were slowly but surely being forced out of their homes they resisted as long as they could until the indian removal act was passed and they truly could not do anything but as a last attempt to reclaim their ancestral home and to protect their right some indians sued. They stated that this act violated their rights but in a sudden turn of events the government declared that they were in fact not citizens and therefore their rights weren’t protected.

They were then forced to move to an indian reserve thousands of miles away. On route thousands of them died on route in an event that became known as the Trail of Tears. He was against and strongly discouraged the up and coming women movement. Jackson instead supported the Cult of Domesticity, which encouraged women to dedicate their lives to being good wives and mothers; this cult also encouraged them to be submissive to their male counterparts.

This movement was inevitable as more and more women saw and thought that their lives would be improved greatly if they were given the same rights as men. They argued that they were capable of participating in the same activities as men whether it be hard work or intellectual carriers. But this movement clearly did not appeal to jackson and his politicians. Under the Jacksonian democracy immigrants and blacks faced constant discrimination leading to the constant bloody riots in cities.

As Philip Hone once addressed in his book “The Diary of Philip Hone’’; “dreadful riots between the Irish and the Americans have again disturbed the public peace” and also that the spirit of riot … has made an appearance in Philadelphia, and appears to have been produced by causes of insignificant hostility to blacks an indiscriminate persecution of all those whose skins were darker than those of their enlightened fellow citizens. Jacksonians may have proudly promoted themselves as the defenders of liberty and of the constitution but their actions say otherwise.

These immigrants suffered constant poverty, poor working conditions, and ,as previously mentioned, discrimination. They may have been promised a land of freedom and equality but that certainly wasn\’t the case for them. Jacksonians clearly needed to rethink how they were representing the american population and the constitution. If they truly thought that limiting their peoples rights and misrepresenting them was the best policy they seriously need to rebrand themselves as something other than the guardians of the united states constitution and all of the liberties it grants to the citizens of the country.

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