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How do adult Hispanics with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes perceive barriers to implementing dietary and lifestyles changes to reduce A1C levels in the first 3 months after diagnosis? P- (Population) adult Hispanics with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. I- (issue of interest) recognized stressors and barriers to implementing dietary and Healthy lifestyle changes. C- (Comparison group) No appropriate comparison group of interest. O- (Outcome) reduced A1C levels.

T- (Time frame) 3 months after initial diagnosis.
As Healthcare transform into primary care, the importance of education and teaching the public, community, schools, and family members, and most of all our patients about the importance of Diabetes prevention and decreasing complications related to diabetes. As a future nurse practitioner with the desire to serve the Hispanic community, a knowledge of perceived barriers in assisting this population is necessary to provide effective care. Certain antecedents to perceived barriers may be sense of control, self-efficacy, and empowerment (McCloskey & Flenniken, 2010, p. 111). Also, Hispanic Americans perspectives of health compared to that of the provider may be additional barriers to reaching desired outcomes (Hunt, Arar, Larme, Rankin, & Anderson, 1998, p. 657). I pose the preceding PICOT question as a starting point to understanding perceived barriers to achieving controlled A1C levels as an indicator of positive glycemic control and health outcomes for Hispanic Americans.

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