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Japanese Internment Camps Essay Sample

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Japanese Internment Camps Essay Sample

Hatred! Fear! Meanness! These emotions ruined many and many of Jews in Europe and Japanese Americans in the United States during World War two. Although Japanese Americans were wrongly imprisoned in internment camps during World War two, their experiences weren’t as devastating as the European Jews. Japanese Americans living conditions didn’t quit compare to the Jews and their living conditions at the camp. Japanese Americans didn’t really wash up as often as needed. Although Jews about never washed up at all. Lack of hygiene caused diseases at both camps. People died from these diseases, and there was no way of really avoiding it. Japanese Americans also had labor to be done. But Jews also had labor as well. Jews were more forced and beaten to do labor. Japanese Americans really didn’t have much of a choice. Labor was a big part of these camps.

Jews were chosen to either do labor or die. Jews were beaten and thrown in gas chambers for no reason at all. Japanese Americans also were treated badly as well. These races were treated badly clearly because of their race. If they did just one thing wrong, they got beaten, or even killed. Japanese Americans went through a lot but it never reached the extent of what the Jews went through. Racism is still a major problem today. It isn’t as bad as it used to be but it is here and still alive. We will always have one race that doesn’t like another. So is an attempted genocide possible? Just maybe it is. But world peace will never be.

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