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To what effect does ‘Jaws’ manipulate the conventions of the ‘Overcoming the Monster’ plot? The Anticipation Stage is when Jaws first attacks the drunken women going for a swim but is not eaten by the shark as he spits it out and lands ashore giving a warning to the tourists of Amity Island. The Dream stage is when Chief Brody is watching ashore on the beaches making sure there is no sharks and therefore no attacks. The Frustration stage is when it kills another 2 people making it seem as if Chief Brody had no change against a giant monster.

The Nightmare stage is when Quint has been eaten and when Hooper is left at the bottom of the sea for about 10 minutes making us seam that Hooper is slowly drowning at the bottom of the sea, we think at this point that the odds are stacked against Brody and that he has no chance of survival and murdering the shark. Finally we have the Death of the monster stage where miraculously Brody puts the tank of compressed air in the sharks mouth then later on manages to shoot it and the shark blows up. This moment seems inevitable because whatever Brody learnt is seemed to have built up to this moment, for example when Hooper specifically tells him not to touch the compressed air as the ship will blow up. It is like his skills have built up for one moment.

The hero being Chief Brody and the shark as the monster, Brody is as a police officer who seems the right guy to defeat the monster because he is afraid of water and is allowed to use guns, the shark only strikes when there are many people in the sea which strikes more fear into them. Many people believe that Quint would have been the hero earlier on because he acts calm like a hero and claims that he can kill the monster but in the end he himself is killed and eaten. At this point the audience should have realised that the hero is in fact Chief Brody. It is effective that Spielberg has not let us know who the hero is until the end because we get a sense of mystery and that we are missing something from the whole story.

Non-diegetic sound gives a sense of suspense because whenever the shark is swimming and is about to attack someone the famous non-diegetic sound plays which builds suspense in the audience because they can’t see where the sound is coming from. Lighting plays an important part in Jaws because whenever the shark or Matt is in the sea investigating low key lighting is use dgiving a sense of mystery and  fear of the unknown. An example is when Matt is investigating an abandoned ship and then suddenly inside the ship where low-key lighting is used a decapitated head is suddenly shown striking horror into the audience. Steven Spielberg uses many camera angles such as the high angle shot used on Hooper when he was on the boat in the finale where Quint was the captain and Hooper was obviously less powerful and therefore the high angle shot was used to show he wasn’t as significant. We also become very excited and tense when we see a close up on the shark and hear the music because we know it will attack or do something very clever.

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